Johann Sebastian Bach, Kantor

1148 The armies of the Second Crusade besieged Damascus.

1827 Moses Henkel, a Methodist pastor and the only non-Lutheran among the famed Henkel family in early America, died (b. 18 September 1757).

1839 Benjamin Hobson, medical missionary to China, died (b. 2 January 1816, Welford, England).

1847 The Mormon community that followed Brigham Young across the plains chose the site for their future temple on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The Salt Lake Tabernacle was constructed from 1853 to 1893.

1850 Andrew Baepler, college professor and president, was born at Baltimore, Maryland (d. 10 October 1927).

1881 American Presbyterian theologian J. Gresham Machen was born in Baltimore, Maryland (d. 1 January 1937).

1942 W. M. (William Matthew) Flinders Petrie (b. 3 June 1853), English archaeologist, died.

1986 Paul F. Koenig died in Saint Louis, Missouri (b. 17 February 1889, Seward, Nebraska). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1914 and served as a pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church (Saint Louis). He was a member of the Missouri Synod’s Board of Education before becoming president of the Western District. From 1946 to 1950 he was on the synodical Board of Directors and from 1952 to 1959 was on the Western District’s Commission on Missions and Church Extension. He retired in 1967.

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