Saint James the Elder, Apostle

306 Constantine the Great (ca. 280–337) was proclaimed Roman Emperor by his troops after the death of Constantius Chlorus.

325 The First Council of Nicea closed. The first ecumenical council, convened by Constantine, it rejected the Arian denial of the full divinity of Christ.

1471 Thomas à Kempis, medieval monk, died (b. 1380, Kempen near Cologne and Düsseldorf).

1519 The theological faculty of the University of Leipzig issued a proclamation in whichJohann Eck (14861543) was announced as the victor of the Leipzig Debate.

1529 Luther began preparing the Schwabach Articles, a project that took until 14 September.

1798 Albert Knapp, hymnologist and hymn translator, was born at Tübingen, Württemberg (d. 18 June 1864).

1805 Thousands flocked to Smyrna, Delaware, for the first Methodist camp meeting.

1815 Christian Albrecht, a London Missionary Society lay missionary to South Africa, died at Cape Town.

1817 John Fawcett, English hymnist, died at Hebden Bridge, England (b. 6 January 1740, Lidget Green, Yorkshire).

1825 Henry Blodget, American Congregational missionary, was born (d. 1903).

1848 A. J. (Arthur James) Balfour, British statesman and philosopher, was born near Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 19 March 1930).

1853 Ulrik Vilhelm Koren (18261910), Norwegian American theologian and hymnist, was ordained in Norway.

1854 Francis H. Rowley, American Baptist clergyman and humanitarian, was born in Hilton, New York (d. 14 February 1952, Boston).

1855 The Mississippi Synod was organized by pastors of the South Carolina Synod who had begun work in Mississippi around 1846.

1918 Walter Rauschenbusch (b. 4 October 1861), American Baptist clergyman and theologian who emphasized the social implications of the Gospel, died.

1923 Theophilus Martin Konrad Mees, Ohio Synod educator, died (b. 13 July 1848, Columbus, Ohio).

1948 Otto Charles Hintze, Jr., was commissioned as the first LCMS missionary to New Guinea.

1968 Pope Paul VI published his encyclical Humanae Vitae, which condemned artificial birth control methods.

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