1373 Saint Birgitta (Bridget) of Sweden, Catholic patroness, died (b. 1303).

1518 Philipp Melanchthon (14971560) was called to Wittenberg as a professor.

1532 Because the Turks had again become a menace, Emperor Charles V (15001558) had to sign the Religious Peace of Nürnberg, giving some freedom and protection to the Protestants.

1764 Gilbert Tennent (b. 5 February 1703), Irish Presbyterian preacher, died.

1808 François Hippolyte Barthélémon, musician and composer, died in London, England (b. 27 July 1741, Bordeaux, France).

1823 Martin Stephan Jr., son of Saxon leader Martin Stephan, was born in Dresden Germany (d. 16 January 1884).

1845 Frederick William IV (1795?) issued the “Generalkonzession” allowing Lutherans in Prussia to establish free churches.

1846 William R. Featherstone, Canadian Methodist, was born in Montreal, Quebec (d. 20 May 1873, Montreal).

1848 Rasmus Andersen, Lutheran cleric, was born in Vedelshave, near Middelfart, on Fyn Island, Denmark (d. 18 August 1930).

1860 William Washington McConnell, pioneer American missionary, was born. He was the first missionary to be sent out by the Central American Mission after its founding in 1890. McConnell arrived in Costa Rica in February 1891.

1918 Joseph H. Gilmore (b. 29 April 1834, Boston), American Baptist clergyman and hymnist, died.

1929 Carl Johan Eastvold, Norwegian Lutheran leader in America, died (b. 19 March 1863).

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