1435 Blessed Angelina di Marsciano (b. 1377), an Italian nun and abbess and a beata of the Roman Catholic Church, died. She  founded a Third Order of Religious, known today as the Franciscan Sisters of Blessed Angelina.

1519 The third session of the Leipzig Debate between Johann Eck (14861543) and Martin Luther began.

1575 Richard Taverner, Bible translator and English reformer, died (b. ca. 1505).

1773 The first American Annual Conference of the Methodist Church convened at St. George’s Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1800 Matthew Bridges, English clergyman, was born in Essex, England (d. 6 October 1894).

1830 John Michael Steck, pioneer Lutheran pastor in Ohio and Pennsylvania, died (b. 5 October 1756).

1833 Anglican clergyman John Keble (17921866) preached his famous sermon on the subject of national apostasy, marking the beginning of the Oxford Movement in England.

1835 The Catholic Apostolic Church, a millenarian religious community, was organized.

1849 Theodor Fliedner (18001864) established a deaconess home in Pittsburgh, signaling the beginning of Lutheran deaconess work in the U.S.

1850 Johann August Wilhelm Neander, German church historian, died (b. 17 January 1789).

1864 Louis Wessel, a professor at Concordia Theological Seminary (Springfield, Illinois), was born at Saint Louis, Missouri (d. 31 January 1933).

1875 Simeon B. Marsh (b. 1 June 1798), American Presbyterian chorister, died.

1892 The Baptist Young People’s Union held its first annual national convention in Detroit, Michigan. Organized the previous year, this new denominational organization for young people was inspired by the founding of the first official organization for church youth, called the Christian Endeavor Society, in 1881. It had been established by Francis E. Clark, pastor of the Congregational Church of Portland, Maine.

1912 Eduard Louis Arndt (1864–1929) was commissioned as the first LCMS missionary to China by the Evangelical Lutheran Mission for China (which he helped found earlier the same year).

1930 Gustav Adolf Faudrey, a Lutheran pastor in the Midwest and president of Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Iowa and Other States, died.

1982 John Daniel died (b. 8 October 1912). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1936. From 1951 to 1961 he served as president of the Eastern District Pastoral Conference of the Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church. From 1960 to 1968 he was president of the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America.

2004 The draft of the proposed Lutheran Service Book, the successor to Lutheran Worship, was approved by Synod in convention by 87 percent of the voting delegates. Dr. Paul Grime, executive director of the Commission on Worship, was given a standing ovation for the commission’s work.

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