Irenaeus of Lyons, Pastor

767 Pope Paul I died.

1245 Innocent IV convened the first Council of Lyons to deal with the “five wounds of the Church”: the bad lives of the clergy and faithful, the danger of the Saracens, the Greek Schism, the invasion of Hungary by the Tatars and the rupture between the church and Emperor Frederick II.

1491 Henry VIII of England was born in Greenwich Palace, London (d. 28 January 1547).

1519 Charles V (15001558) was elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

1577 Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish painter, was born in Westphalia (d. 30 May 1640).

1586 Primož Trubar, Slovenian reformer, died (b. 9 June 1508, Raschiza, near Auersperg near Laibach [now Ljubljana]).

1604 Heinrich Albert (Alberti), hymnist and composer, was born in Lohenstein, Voigtland (d. 6 October 1651).

1703 John Wesley, founder of Methodism and a hymnist, was born in Epworth (17 June 1703 [Julian calendar]; d. 2 March 1791).

1770 The Quakers opened a school for African American children in Philadelphia.

1803 Jason Lee, missionary to the northwestern U.S., was born near Stanstead, Quebec, then considered part of Vermont (d. 12 March 1845).

1814 Frederick W. Faber, English theologian, hymnist and member of the Oxford movement, was born in Yorkshire, England (d. 26 September 1863).

1834 Henry Lyman, missionary to Indonesia, died (b. 23 November 1809, Northampton, Massachusetts).

1834 Samuel Munson, missionary to Indonesia, died (b. 23 March 1804, New Sharon, Maine).

1851 Eliza E. Hewitt, American hymn writer, was born in Philadelphia (d. 24 April 1920, Philadelphia).

1899 Gerhard Gieschen, hymn translator, was born in Helenville, Wisconsin.

1910 Westminster Cathedral was consecrated in London.

1914 Lester Roloff, U.S. evangelist, was born (d. 2 November 1982).

1923 Colleges at Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, were accepted as gifts by the Missouri Synod.

1951 The Lutheran Television Productions Committee was organized.

1959 The Christians of Krasnik, Poland, came to worship but found their church barricaded and the religious decorations removed. Thousands marched in protest on city hall. Riots developed. Communist party offices are wrecked. The state militia had to take refuge from the fury of the common folk.

1962 The Lutheran Church in America was formed in a meeting in Detroit that lasted through 1 July.

1964 Pastor/Professor Alfred T. Kramer died (b. 1892). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1916. From 1920 to 1927 he served as the vice-president of the Brazil District of the Missouri Synod. In 1929 he became a professor at Concordia College, Crespo, Argentina. From 1937 to 1963 he served as pastor in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

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