1086 Blessed Victor III (1026?1087) was enthroned as pope.

1276 Jews were forced to pay three pence each and made to wear yellow badges in England.

1543 Nicolaus Copernicus, Roman Catholic priest, astronomer and scientist, died (b. 19 February 1473, Thorn [Torun], Prussian Poland).

1547 After a year of fighting throughout Germany, Emperor Charles V’s army defeated the Lutheran army at the Battle of Mühlberg, essentially reclaiming Germany for the Holy Roman Empire.

1592 Nicolaus K. Selneccer, German theologian, pastor, hymnist and co-author of the Formula of Concord, died in Leipzig (b. 5 December 1532, Hersbruck, near Nürnberg, Germany).

1618 The Thirty Years’ War began.

1689 The Toleration Act was passed by the British parliament under William and Mary.

1738 John Wesley‘s (17031791) Aldersgate experience took place at the Moravian meeting in London.

1768 Joseph Hart, English clergyman and hymnist, died in London (b. 1712).

1824 John Gibson Paton, Presbyterian missionary to New Hebrides, was born in Kirkmahoe, Scotland (d. 16 January 1907).

1839 George Brumder, Lutheran publisher in Milwaukee, was born in Alsace, near Strasbourg (d. 9 May 1910).

1844 Samuel F. B. Morse (17911872), a Christian inventor, sent the first long-distance telegraph message.

1851 John Peter Baden, benefactor of Saint John’s College (Winfield, Kansas) and an English Missouri Synod leader, was born.

1854 Presbyterians founded the first black college in the United States, Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University.

1861 Mary Webb died. Although bound to a wheelchair from youth, she founded the first women’s missionary society in America and coordinated 200 missionary societies.

1865 Emily Divine Wilson, American Methodist clergyman’s wife, was born in Philadelphia (d. 23 June 1942, Philadelphia).

1867 George John Fritschel, theologian professor at Wartburg Seminary (Dubuque, Iowa), was born in Saint Sebold, Iowa (d. 5 October 1941).

1878 Harry Emerson Fosdick, American Baptist minister and popular champion of liberal Christianity, was born near Buffalo, New York (d. 1969).

1880 The Illinois Synod disbanded and merged with the Missouri Synod at Quincy.

1891 William Foxwell Albright, American Near Eastern scholar, was born of Methodist missionary parents in Coquimbo, Chile (d. 19/20 September 1971).

1892 Earl B. Marlatt, religious educator and hymnologist, was born in Columbus, Indiana (d. 13 June 1976, Winchester, Indiana).

1913 Johann Bading, Wisconsin Synod leader and president of Synodical Conference, died (b. 1824, Rixdorf, near Berlin).

1929 Rodolfo Frederico Hasse (1890–1968) conducted the first Lutheran radio service in Brazil.

1935 Joseph Stump, professor and president at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, died (b. 6 October 1866, Marietta, Pennsylvania).

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