685 Pope Benedict II was buried.

1373 English mystic Julian of Norwich (ca. 1342–ca. 1416) received revelations that she later recorded in her book,  The Sixteen Revelations of Love Divine.

1521 Roman Catholic educator and writer Petrus Canisius born in Nijmegan, Netherlands (d. 21 December 1597).

1528 William Tyndale‘s (14941536)  Parable of Wicked Mammon was printed.

1538 Edward Foxe, an English churchman, bishop of Hereford, the most Lutheran of Henry VIII’s bishops, died (b. ca. 1496). He assisted in drafting the Ten Articles of 1536.

1558 The Act of Uniformity received Queen Elizabeth I’s royal assent, reinstating the forms of worship Henry VIII had ordered and mandating the use of the Book of Common Prayer (1552). It also made the monarch the head of the Church of England.

1603 Jacobus Arminius (15601609), Dutch founder of an anti-Calvinist Reformed theology, was appointed professor of theology at the University of Leiden.

1777 John A. Treutlen (17341782), Lutheran layman, became governor of Georgia.

1792 A Moravian mission was established at Oxford, Canada, by David Zeisberger (17211808).

1814 The first Bishop of Kolkata (Calcutta) was consecrated privately because the India company feared publicity.

1821 Charlotte Maria Tucker, missionary to India, was born in Barnet, England (d. 2 December 1893).

1824 German composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s (17701827) choral work Missa Solemnis, a mass in D (opus 123), was first performed in Vienna.

1828 Henry Dunant, Swiss philanthropist and founder of the Red Cross (1864) and the Young Men’s Christian Association, was born in Geneva (d. 30 October 1910).

1837 Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken (1810–1876) was ordained at Saint Wilhadi Church, Stade, Germany.

1845 The Southern Baptist Convention was organized in Augusta, Georgia.

1889 The Alpha Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freedmen in America was organized by four pastors of North Carolina Synod (David Koonts, president; W. Philo Phifer, secretary; Sam Holt; and Nathan Clapp). When their leader (Koonts) died in 1890, the remaining three pastors appealed to President H. C. Schwan of the Missouri Synod for assistance. The result was that the Lutheran Synodical Conference took up the work among African Americans in North Carolina beginning in 1891.

1895 Roman Catholic archbishop and broadcaster Fulton J. Sheen was born in El Paso, Illinois (d. 9 December 1979).

1902 Ethelbert Stauffer, German Lutheran New Testament scholar, was born in Friedelsheim, Germany (d. 1 August 1979).

1915 Henry McNeal Turner (b. 1834), the first African American army chaplain in the United States, died in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

1920 Handley Carr Glyn Moule (b. 23 December 1841), British New Testament scholar, died.

1921 Nils Jules Bakke, pioneer missionary among African Americans, died in Milwaukee (b. 8 September 1853).

1955 The Malappuram, India, Muslim mission property was dedicated.

1960 The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League of Great Britain was organized.

1961 Herman Hugo Hohenstein, a pioneer in religious broadcasting, died (b. 26 January 1894).

1982 Billy Graham (b. 7 November 1918) began a Moscow crusade despite American President Ronald Reagan’s opposition.

1984 Benjamin Weil, a Presbyterian clergyman, was kidnapped in Beirut by members of a Palestine terrorist organization.

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