Athanasius of Alexandria, Pastor and Confessor

1507 Martin Luther celebrated his first mass and was consecrated as a priest two years after entering the Augustinian monastery at Erfurt, a role he would serve in for thirteen years before being excommunicated in 1521. His father and many friends were invited to attend the service.

1519 Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist, inventor and architect, died (b. 15 April 1452).

1530 The Saxon party arrived at Augsburg for the Diet.

1559 John Knox (ca. 15101572), having spent several years on the Continent studying and writing, returned to his native Scotland to help lead the Reformation there. He reached Edinburgh after imprisonment and a stint in the French galleys.

1681 Hartmann Schenck, hymnist, died in Ostheim (b. 7 April 1634, Ruhla, near Eisenach, Germany).

1779 G. Henry Weygandt, founder of the Ohio Synod, was born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (d. 7 October 1847).

1797 Anson Gleason, missionary to the Choctaw, Mohegan and Seneca Indians, was born in Manchester, Connecticut (d. 24 February 1885).

1803 The North Carolina Synod was organized in Salisbury, North Carolina, the oldest Lutheran synod in the South.

1812 Friedrich K. Anthes, composer, was born at Weilburg in Nassau, the son of seminary professor Johann Adam Anthes.

1814 Thomas Coke, the first English bishop of the Methodist Church, died (b. 9 September 1747).

1821 William Taylor, AME missionary to Africa, was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia (d. 1902).

1842 The East Pennsylvania Synod was organized at Lancaster by ten pastors of the Pennsylvania Ministerium who advocated greater liberty in the form of worship, the tolerance of revivals, the use of English and union with the General Synod.

1844 Henry Nott, missionary to Tahiti, died (b. 1774).

1872 A lectureship was established at Yale University Divinity School in memory of Lyman Beecher (17751863), who graduated from Yale with a B.A. in 1797. The lectures were to cover topics on preaching and the work of the Christian ministry.

1909 Sheldon Jackson died at Asheville, North Carolina (b. 18 May 1834).

1914 William Harry Krieger was born in Marion, Illinois (d. 13 January 1974, Jackson, Michigan). He served the Missouri Synod as a member of the Board of Missions in North, South and Central America, a member of the Commission on Literature, president of the Michigan District (19571965), chairman of the Board of Control of Concordia College (Ann Arbor) and fourth vice-president of the Synod (19721974).

1930 John Henry Herzer, secretary of the Synodical Conference, theologian, professor at Concordia Theological Seminary (Springfield, Illinois) died (b. 3 November 1840, Louisville, Kentucky). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1865 and held parishes in Aurora and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Plymouth, Wisconsin. He taught at the Springfield seminary from 1892 to 1914.

1968 The constituting convention of the Japan Lutheran Church opened.

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