1380 Italian mystic and Dominican tertiary Catherine of Siena (b. 25 March 1347) died from exhaustion brought on by her efforts to unite rival factions in the church.

1429 Joan of Arc (ca. 14121431), who had also experienced mystical visions and voices since childhood, entered the besieged city of Orleans to lead a victory over the English.

1530 Martin Luther published his “Exhortation to All Clergy Assembled at Augsburg.”

1535 Monks in England were executed for refusing to acknowledgeHenry VIII (14911547) as the head of the church.

1541 Johann Graumann (Poliander), hymnist, died in Koenigsberg (b. 5 July 1487, Neustadt an der Aisch, Middle Franconia, Bavaria). [German Wikipedia article]

1584 Melchior Teschner, composer, was born (d. 1 December 1635, Oberpritschen, Posen).

1594 Thomas Cooper, English bishop, lexicographer and writer, died (b. ca. 1517).

1607 The first Anglican church in the American colonies was established at Cape Henry, Virginia.

1751 John Rippon, English Baptist clergyman, was born (d. 17 December 1836).

1779 Christian Gottlieb Blumhardt, one of the founders of the Basel Missionary Society in 1804 and an inspector for the Basel Missionary School, was born in Stuttgart (d. 19 December 1838, Basel). [German biographical sketch]

1795 Lorrin Andrews, Congregational missionary to Hawaii, was born (d. 29 September 1868).

1819 Eduard Raimund Baierlein, Lutheran missionary among the Chippewa Indians near Frankenmuth, Michigan, was born (d. 12 October 1901).

1834 Joseph H. Gilmore, American Baptist clergyman and Hebrew instructor, was born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 23 July 1918).

1848 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (18241863), Confederate general in the Civil War, confessed Christ by public baptism at Saint John Episcopal Church in New York City.

1860 Theodore Henry Carl Buenger, professor and president at Concordia College (Saint Paul, Minnesota), was born in Chicago (d. 9 September 1943).

1867 Eduard Pardieck, professor and theologian, was born (or 28 April) in Indianapolis, Indiana (d. 21 March 1926).

1882 John Nelson Darby, founder and leader of the Plymouth Brethren, died in Bournemouth (b. 18 November 1800).

1945 U.S. troops liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, Germany.

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