303 Saint George, Christian martyr, died (b. ca. 275/281).

997 Adalbert of Prague, “Apostle of Prussia,” was martyred (b. ca. 956).

1500 Alexander Ales (or Alesius), Scottish Lutheran theologian, was born at Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 17 March 1565).

1538 John Calvin (15091564) and William Farel (14891565), whom Calvin was assisting, were banished from Geneva.

1803 Gerrit Parmele Judd, medical missionary to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), was born in Paris, New York (d. 12 January 1873).

1828 Fenton John Anthony Hort, English New Testament textual critic and biblical scholar, was born (d. 30 November 1892).

1843 Followers of the farmer-prophet William Miller (17821849), forerunner of the Seventh-Day Adventists, gathered throughout the U.S. to await the return of Christ and the end of the world that Miller had predicted.

1858 Horace Newton Allen, missionary to China and Korea, was born in Delaware, Ohio (d. 11 December 1932).

1860 An independent Scandinavian synod was planned in Chicago with Lars Esbjörn (1808–1870) as leader. Esbjörn earlier had resigned from the Synod of Northern Illinois due to theological disagreements with other members of the synod. His resignation was endorsed at the meeting of the two Scandinavian conferences in Chicago, and the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America was later formed. This union that included Norwegians and Swedes continued until 1870, when it was dissolved into separate ethnic synods at a meeting of the synod in Andover, Illinois, with the Swedish body retaining the name “Augustana.”

1888 Edward Hopper, American Presbyterian clergyman and hymnist, died in New York City (b. 17 February 1816).

1926 Carl Frederick Emil Huth, Concordia College (Milwaukee) professor, died (b. 30 November 1857, Nieden, Brandenburg, Germany).

1926 A site for a Lutheran seminary was secured in Hankow, China.

1934 Lowell Thomas (18921981) on the news: “In Germany ten thousand German Protestants gathered in the old city of Ulm and denounced Hitler’s chief bishop. The assembly called upon the Nazi state to keep its hands off the affairs of the Church.”

1942 Anglican high-church clergyman William Temple (18811944) was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.

1960 Toyohiko Kagawa, renewer of society, died (b. 10 July 1888, Kobe, Japan).

1968 The Evangelical United Brethren Church (750,000 members) joined with the much larger Methodist Church (10.3 million members), forming the United Methodist Church, the largest Methodist group in the world and America’s second-largest Protestant denomination.

1982 William Cameron (“Uncle Cam”) Townsend, founder of the Wycliffe Bible Translators, died (b. 9 July 1896).

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