456 Saint Patrick (373?-463?) returned to Ireland as a missionary bishop.

582 Eutychius, patriarch of Constantinople, whose terms of office, occurring during the reign of Emperor Justinian the Great (482/483565), were marked by controversies with both imperial and papal authority, died (b. ca. 512).

1242 In the Battle of the Ice, Novgorod forces led by Alexander Nevsky (1220?1263) rebuffed an invasion attempt by the Teutonic Knights at Lake Peipus, between modern day Estonia and Russia.

1419 Vincent Ferrer, Spanish missionary and saint, died (b. 23 January 1350).

1541 The Diet of Regensburg (Ratisbon) opened. It sought to restore religious unity in Germany between the Roman Church and the Protestants.

1553 Antonius Corvinus (Rabe), pastor in Hessen, died (b. 27 February 1501).

1566 200 Netherlands noblemen, led by Hendrik van Brederode (15311568), forced themselves into the presence of Margaret of Parma (15221586) and presented the Petition of Compromise, denouncing the Inquisition in the Netherlands. The Inquisition was suspended and a delegation was sent to Spain to petition Philip II (15271598).

1605 Adam Loftus, English Protestant archbishop in Ireland, died (b. ca. 1533).

1693 Christian Scriver, Lutheran theologian, author, hymnist and devotional writer, died (b. 2 January 1629).

1742 Christian Wilhelm Gericke, Lutheran missionary in India, was born in Kolberg, Prussia (d. 2/3 October 1803).

1743 The cornerstone for the first German Lutheran church in Philadelphia (Saint Michael Lutheran Church, today known as “Old Zion”) was laid.

1784 Louis (Ludwig) Spohr, German violin virtuoso and composer, was born in Brunswick, Germany (d. 22 October 1859).

1811 Robert Raikes, English philanthropist and founder of Sunday schools, died (b. 14 September 1736).

1819 Heinrich Christian Schwan, third president of the Missouri Synod (18781899), was born (d. 29 May 1905).

1847 J. H. Richter, inspector at the Rhenish mission seminary, died (b. 1799).

1850 Daniel Brink Towner, American music evangelist, was born in Rome, Pennsylvania (d. 3 October 1919).

1876 Johan Arnd Aasgaard, Norwegian American Lutheran leader, was born at Albert Lea, Minnesota (d. 13 January 1966).

1885 John Theodore Mueller, LCMS seminary professor and theologian, was born at Town Freedom, Waseca County, Minnesota, near Janesville (d. 15 April 1967).

1901 John Bajus, a Slovak Synod pastor and hymn translator, was born at Raritan, New Jersey.

2001 The International Lutheran Council (ILC) held its first Theological Seminaries World Conference on 58 April in Canoas, RS, Brazil.

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