710 Rupert of Salzburg, missionary to Germany and founder of the city of Salzburg, died.

1191 Pope Clement III, who was elected as pope in 1187, died.

1329 Pope John XXII (12491334) issued his ‘In Agro Dominico’ condemning some writings of Meister Eckhart (ca. 1260ca. 1338) as heretical.

1378 Gregory XI, the last French (Avignonese) pope, died (b. ca. 1336). He was born Pierre Roger de Beaufort, and was elected as pope in 1370.

1530 The Torgau Articles were prepared and placed in the hands of John the Constant (14681532). They were used to help formulate the Augsburg Confession.

1536 The first Helvetic Confession was agreed on by Swiss Protestants in Strasbourg and Constance.

1555 William Hunter, Protestant martyr in England, died. He was burned at the stake as the first Essex martyr under the reign of Mary of Tudor.

1592 Jiří Třanovský (Trzanowski) was born (d. 29 May 1637). His strict orthodoxy had a profound influence on Slavic Lutheranism. He is considered the father of Slovak hymnody.

1625 James I (b. 19 June 1566), Scottish-born English monarch, died.

1667 English poet and theologian John Milton (16081674) published his great work Paradise Lost.

1683 Thomas Hansen Kingo (16341703), hymnist, was commissioned by Christian V to prepare a new hymnal for Danish churches.

1696 Antoine Court, French Huguenot minister called the “Restorer of Protestantism in France,” was born (d. 13 June 1760).

1714 Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian Jesuit theologian and historian, was born (d. 10 October 1795).

1746 Michael Bruce, hymnist, was born (d. 5 July 1767).

1816 George Job Elvey, English organist, composer and chorister, was born at Canterbury, England (d. 9 December 1893).

1818 Herman Theodor Wangemann, missiologist, was born in Urlsnach, Germany (d. 1894).

1831 Charles August Gottlieb Stork, colonial Lutheran pastor, died (b. 16 June 1764).

1842 George Matheson, Scottish clergyman and devotional writer, was born in Glasgow (d. 28 August 1906).

1858 Peter Christian Lutkin, American organist, choral conductor and lecturer on sacred music, was born in Thompsonville, Wisconsin (d. 27 December 1931).

1866 Dyer Ball, Far East medical missionary, died (b. 3 June 1796).

1876 Paul Zeller Strodach, Lutheran musicologist, was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania (b. 30 May 1947).

1895 Friedrich Brunn, founder of the Steeden, Germany, pro-seminary that fed many pastors into the Missouri Synod in the nineteenth century, died (b. 1819).

1896 Arnold Guebert was born in Red Bud, Illinois. He attended Concordia College (Milwaukee) and Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis). In 1928 he accepted a call to be a professor at Concordia College (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). During his time there he also served as the director of Sunday School by Mail and as the district archivist. He died 24 November 1970 in Edmonton, Alberta.

1920 Francis Nathan Peloubet (b. 2 December 1831), American Congregational clergyman and Sunday school lesson writer, died.

1927 George Henry Gerberding, ULCA synod president and professor, died (b. 21 August 1847).

1934 Carrie E. Breck (b. 22 January 1855), poet, died.

1949 The first assembly of the ladies society of the Trivandrum Synod (Lutheran) in India took place.

1977 Flames destroyed the unused main surviving building on Brook Farm, West Roxbury (Boston), Massachusetts. The farm, at one time used by a group of northeastern transcendentalists as a social commune, served as the Martin Luther Orphan Home from 1871 to 1948. It was owned by the Lutheran Association for the Works of Mercy.

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