1312 Pope Clement V (12641314) at the Council at Vienna dissolved the military Order of Knights Templar by an administrative ordinance (Vox Clamantis).

1459 Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, who held that position from 1508 until his death, was born (d. 12 January 1519).

1544 Johannes Magnus, last Catholic Archbishop of Sweden, died (b. 19 March 1488).

1574 Jakob Andreae (15281590) finished the Swabian Concord, a forerunner of the Formula of Concord.

1594 The thirty-year war between the Protestants and Catholics of France ended when Henry IV (15531610) took the throne.

1621 In colonial Massachusetts, the Plymouth Colony made a treaty with the neighboring Indians that both sides kept for fifty years.

1630 The Massachusetts Bay Colony outlawed the possession of cards, dice and gaming tables.

1638 Religious dissident Anne Hutchinson (15911643) was expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1639 Johann Konrad Dietrich, subdiaconus at Marburg, died (b. 1575). He wrote an exposition of Luther’s Small Catechism that was used in the Missouri Synod from 1857 until about the turn of the century.

1663 August Hermann Francke, founder of the Halle Institute, welfare worker and educator, was born (d. 8 June 1727).

1758 Jonathan Edwards, powerful preacher, evangelical theologian and missionary to the American Indians, died (b. 5 October 1703).

1811 Johann Kilian, Wendish Lutheran immigrant and pastor in Serbin, Texas, was born in Dahlen, Saxony, Germany (d. 12 September 1884).

1819 Joseph Philbrick Webster, American music teacher and sacred music composer, was born in Manchester, New York (d. 18 January 1875, Elkhorn, Wisconsin).

1823 Socrates Henkel, publisher of Lutheran books, was born near Conover, North Carolina (d. 20 June 1901).

1836 Edgar Page Stites, American Methodist frontier preacher and missionary, was born in Cape May, New Jersey (d. 9 January 1921, Cape May, New Jersey).

1844 Sven Oftedal, professor of New Testament at Augsburg Theological Seminary, was born in Stavanger, Norway (d. 30 March 1911).

1884 Wilhelm Georg Christian Hattstädt, pioneer Loehe missionary to America, died in Monroe, Michigan (b. 29 August 1811, Langenzenn, Bavaria).

1890 Ernst Moritz Buerger died (b. 17 February 1806, Saxony). He immigrated to America with Martin Stephan and was a charter member of the Missouri Synod.

1903 August Wilhelm Schreiber, Lutheran missionary to Indonesia, died (b. 8 November 1839, Bielefeld, Westphalia).

1923 Otto Charles Hintze, Jr., first LCMS missionary to Papua New Guinea, was born in El Paso, Texas.

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