1386 Jogaila (ca. 13621434), Grand Duke of Lithuania (King Jagiello), was baptized into the Christian faith, marking the establishment of Catholic Christianity as the official religion of Lithuania.

1537 The Smalcald Articles were signed.

1571 Michael Praetorius, church musician, musicologist, German composer, was born at Kreuzburg, Thuringia. He died on the same date in 1621.

1600 José de Acosta, Jesuit, died at Salamanca as rector of the university (b. ca. 1539).

1631 John Donne (15721631), the greatest love poet of the English language, preached his last sermon.

1643 John Campanius (16011683), a native of Stockholm, came to New Sweden with Governor Printz and ministered to Swedes on the Delaware River until 1648.

1701 Adam Drese, composer, died at Arnstadt (b. 15 December 1620, probably at Weimar, Thuringia).

1730 Thomas Bray (b. 1656), Anglican clergyman, died.

1782 William Miller, originator of the Advent Movement that predicted a definite time for Christ’s Second Coming, was born at Pittsfield, Massachusetts (d. 20 December 1849).

1796 George Ames Lintner, president of the Hartwick Synod and the General Synod, was born in Minden, Montgomery County, New York (d. 21 December 1871).

1819 Friedrich Brunn, German pastor and theologian, was born at Castle Schaumburg, Duchy of Nassau (d. 1895).

1829 Wolfgang Simon Stubnatzy, president of the Central District, was born in Fuerth, Franconia, Bavaria (d. 13 September 1880).

1860 Wheaton College, formerly Illinois Institute, was chartered in Wheaton, Illinois, under Methodist sponsorship.

1861 Alfred North Whitehead, British philosopher and clergyman, was born at Ramsgate, Kent (d. 30 December 1947).

1867 Charles Winfred Douglas, hymnist and composer, was born at Oswego, New York (d. 18 January 1944).

1905 Christian author Lew Wallace died (b. 10 April 1827).

1930 Franklin L. Sheppard (b. 7 August 1852), a dedicated church laymen of the Episcopal Church and later of the Presbyterian church in the northeastern U.S., died.

2004 John H. Tietjen, president of Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) and of Christ SeminarySeminex (Saint Louis and Chicago). died (b. 18 June 1928, New York City).

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