1167 Aben Ezra (Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra), Jewish poet, grammarian and commentator, died (b. 1092 or 1093, Toledo, Spain).

1546 Martin Luther left Wittenberg to travel to Mansfeld to settle “a petty quarrel between the petty counts” of the town for the third time.

1549 Johannes Honter, reformer of Transylvania, died (b. 1498, Kronstadt [Brasov], Transylvania).

1789 A Catholic academy, now Georgetown University, was founded by Father John Carroll in Washington, D.C., as the first Roman Catholic college in America.

1831 Johann Adam Hügli, one of the founders of the Lutheran School for the Deaf in Detroit and president of the Northern District of the Missouri Synod from 1873 to 1875, was born in Hassloch in the Palatinate (d. 12 April 1904, Detroit, Michigan).

1858 John Wyeth (b. 31 March 1770, Cambridge, Massachusetts), printer and newspaper editor, died in Philadelphia.

1859 Knut Olafson Lundeberg, president of the Church of Lutheran Brethren, was born in Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway (d. 6 June 1942).

1864 Albert Herrman Miller, professor at the Missouri Synod teachers seminary at Addison, Illinois, and later when the school was moved to River Forest, was born in Terryville, Connecticut (d. 30 July 1959, Oak Park, Illinois).

1875 Charles Kingsley (b. 12 June 1819), English socialist and Christian novelist, died.

1876 Karl Martin Willkomm, president of Saxon Lutheran Free Church, was born (d. 1946).

1882 Johann Friedrich Bünger, founder of the Lutheran hospital in Saint Louis, as well as an orphans home and home for the elderly, and also president of the Western District of the Missouri Synod, died at Saint Louis, Missouri (b. 2 January 1810).

1893 Phillips Brooks, an American Episcopal clergyman, the bishop of Massachusetts, a staunch abolitionist, a substitute evangelist for D. L. Moody and a hymnist, died (b. 13 December 1835).

1903 Francis (Franz) Arnold Hoffmann, one of the founding members of the Missouri Synod, a teacher, pastor, statesman and co-founder of Republican Party, died (b. 5 June 1822).

1940 Max H. Zschiegner, LCMS missionary to China, died at Wanhsien, China (b. 9 September 1897, Wellsville, New York).

1943 The New Tribes Mission was incorporated in Los Angeles, California, by Paul W. Fleming.

1956 Philippine Lutherans convened to organize a church body.

1997 George W. Bornemann died in Oviedo, Florida (b. 22 February 1915). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1940 and served as a pastor in Oakmount, Pennsylvania; Buffalo, New York; Toronto, Ontario; and Elmhurst, Illinois. He was vice-president and president of the English District of the Missouri Synod from 1976 to 1984. He also served as a counselor to the LLL, LWML and Walther League and as a member of the Missouri Synod Armed Forces Commission and Commission on Theology and Church Relations. He retired in 1982.

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