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The Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute Winter 2018 lecture

You are invited to join The Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute on March 8, 2018 to hear a special Lutheran history lecture on “The History of Missouri Synod Catechisms in English”.
Mr. David A. Fiala, Assistant Director of Missionary Recruitment for the LCMS Office of International Mission, will be the presenter. Mr. Fiala has worked extensively on the topic he is presenting to the auxiliary audience, both in audio and print production. He has spoken on this topic on radio station KFUO and has written his Master of Arts research project as well as a Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly article on Luther’s Small Catechism.

This is the Auxiliary’s Winter lecture, which will be held in the conference room of Concordia Historical Institute. There is no fee to attend the lecture. Click here to view a brochure on the event.

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