Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Volume 94 No.3

Fall 2021 CHI Quarterly

Happy 175th Anniversary!  The Fall 2021 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 94, no.3) contains three articles which commemorate the anniversary of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana (CTS) and its rich history of Lutheran theological education. All three articles appear in issues of the Concordia Theological Quarterly, and in cooperation

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CHIQ v.94 no.2 Summer 2021

Summer 2021 CHI Quarterly

Tensions in North America? I thought this was a historical journal. Ah, this isn’t about current events but past historical conflict! Read on to learn about confessional tensions in North America from the past. The Summer 2021 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 94, no.2) contains three articles, two of which

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Pressed into Service Exhibit Catalog

Now Available: Museum Exhibit Catalog “Pressed into Service by the Word of God” Documenting the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Concordia Historical Institute is pleased to make available a detailed full-color catalog of its museum exhibit currently on display on the campus of Concordia Seminary in Clayton, Missouri. “The Lutheran

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