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Saxon Lutheran Memorial Fall Festival

Box Bock in top hat at the Saxon Lutheran Memorial Fall Festival

Preparations are underway for the Saxon Lutheran Memorial Fall Festival on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Concordia Historical Institute, the Department of Archives and History of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, continues to invite all who desire to preserve and proclaim the rich theological and cultural history of confessional Lutheranism in North America to join us in advancing the “living storybook” of the Saxon Lutheran Memorial property for the enrichment of congregations, schools, and community — in East Perry County, throughout the United States, and beyond.


The Bergt Homestead was purchased in 1961 by Concordia Historical Institute as a testament of the faith and life of the Saxon Lutherans who immigrated to Missouri in the hope of freely exercising their Lutheran faith.  With funding and countless volunteer hours from historically-minded donors from Perry County, Saint Louis, and around the country, Saxon Lutheran Memorial underwent extensive renovations before it was dedicated and opened up to the public in 1964. Years later, a museum exhibit was created in SLM’s Visitor Center. A statue of the first president of the Missouri Synod, C. F. W. Walther, surrounded by a memorial to the original Saxon colonies also enhances the homestead grounds.


The annual Fall Festival continues to be a great opportunity to rediscover the Lutheran faith and life of those first settlers who left everything in Europe to live a God-pleasing Christian life in the wilderness west of the Mississippi.  For a concise historical account of Saxon Lutheran Memorial, please check out the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly article, “The Saxon Lutheran Memorial: A Case History in Preservation“, written in 1978 by Concordia Historical Institute President Gerhardt A. Kramer.



As the official department of archives and history of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Concordia Historical Institute serves as general advisory agency for historical interests within synodical offices, departments, educational institutions and congregations.

CHI is charged with preserving and promoting Lutheran history, especially the history surrounding the LCMS.  This is done through actively collecting, organizing, cataloging and preserving relevant documents, photographs, books, artifacts, and fine art — and making these historical items available to inform and inspire the church and community.



Concordia Historical Institute strives to be the premier provider of Lutheran historical resources in North America.



To preserve the Bergt Homestead property for the purpose of teaching the Lutheran life and faith of the original Saxon immigrants who settled in Perry County in 1839.


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