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Robert David Preus Collection, 1920-1996.

  • Collection Number: M-0016
  • Collection Size: 33.5 linear feet, 21 audio cassettes, 2 video cassettes

Biographical Sketch

Donor Information

The collection was donated to Concordia Historical Institute by Mrs. Donna Preus in April 1996.


Folders 1008-1017 are closed for research for a period of 20 years (2019). Permission to access these files may be granted with the written permission of Rev. Rolf Preus.

Folder 964 and a.c.21 are closed to research until further notice.

Biographical Note

Robert David Preus

Robert David Preus

Robert David Preus was born on 16 October 1924 in St. Paul, Minnesota, to Jacob (Jake) Aal Ottesen and Idella (Haugen) Preus. He joined an older brother, Jacob (Jack), who was born on 8 January 1920.

Robert married Donna Mae Rockman on 29 May 1948 in Minneapolis. Their union resulted in ten children: Daniel (7 March 1949), Klemet (13 June 1950), Katherine Briel (1 December 1951), Rolf (7 August 1953), Peter (13 August 1955), Solveig Fiene (9 December 1957), Christian (18 December 1959), Karen Watters (22 June 1961), Ruth Saunders (7 February 1963), and Erik (22 June 1965). Daniel, Klemet, Rolf and Peter entered the ministry while Katherine and Solveig married pastors.

Robert Preus attended many schools and earned many degrees. He began his academic career in Highland Park, Illinois, where he attended Elm Place School (1929-1938) and Highland Park High School (1938-1941). His college career commenced in 1941 at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) from which he earned a bachelor of arts in 1944. He then attended both the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) and Luther Theological Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota) from 1944 to 1947. In 1947 Preus earned a bachelor of divinity degree from Bethany Lutheran Seminary (Mankato, Minnesota).

From 1950 to 1955 Preus took graduate classes at several institutions, most of them in Europe. He earned a doctorate in philosophy from Edinburgh University (Scotland) in 1952. During this time, in 1951, he also studied at Basel University in Basel, Switzerland. He returned to the United States and attended Harvard from 1953 to 1955.

In 1963 Preus and his family returned to Europe while he studied for one year at Menighetsfakultet in Oslo, Norway. Again in 1968, the Preus family spent a year in Europe while he earned a doctorate of theology at Strasbourg University in Strasbourg, France.

Preus served as a pastor while he was a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). His teaching and administrative career took place while he was a member of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). He did not serve as a parish pastor after he left the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS).

Preus took his first call in 1947 to a dual parish as a temporary pastor at First American Lutheran Church of Mayville, North Dakota, and at Bygland Lutheran Church of Fisher, Minnesota. After earning his first doctorate, he served from 1952 to 1955 as the pastor of Harvard Street Lutheran Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1955 he returned to Minnesota where he served congregations in Trail (Mount Olive) and in Cross Lake until 1957. During this time Preus also started a congregation in Clearwater.

In 1957 Preus accepted a call as an assistant professor in the Systematic Theology Department at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He was named associate professor in 1961 and professor in 1967. Preus remained in St. Louis until June 1974 when he accepted the call as president of Concordia Theological Seminary in Springfield, Illinois.

During his tenure at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, the tumultuous “Walk-Out” occurred in which most of the student body and all but five faculty members left the seminary to form Concordia Seminary in Exile (Seminex).1 Preus was a member of the “faithful five” who remained at the seminary. The others were Ralph Bohlmann, Martin Scharlemann, Richard Klann and Lorenz Wunderlich.

During his professional academic career Preus published three books and numerous journal and periodical articles that placed him among notable theologians and educators. For a partial list of his works, see the attached bibliography (Appendix A).

Preus served as president of Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS) from 1974 to 1993. He was a tenured professor with the institution from 1991 until his death in 1995. The Preus administration at the Fort Wayne seminary was eventful in many ways, including the move of the school back to its original location in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In 1984 the Board for Professional Education Services (formerly and presently the Board for Higher Education) began an investigation of CTS, in which they asked for the assistance of President Ralph Bohlmann, citing alleged division among the faculty and the administration. A team appointed by President Bohlmann conducted interviews with faculty members during an official visit in February 1985. The team concluded that there was polarization between the faculty and the administration. The Board of Regents was instructed to oversee the reconciliation of the faculty and the administration.

In May 1989 meeting of the Concordia Theological Seminary Board of Regents a motion was introduced asking Preus to resign as president of the institution. The motion failed to pass. At the following July meeting the board voted to remove Preus from his office. This action ignited a set of events that played out until 1994 involving the Praesidium of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the Allen County (Indiana) Court of Appeals, the Indiana District (LCMS) Commission on Adjudication, and the LCMS Commission on Appeals, which cleared Preus of all charges that had been brought against him.

During his teaching and academic career Preus served on numerous boards and committees of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. These included: Young People’s Literature Board (1957-1965), Literature Commission (1965-1976), Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR, Hermeneutics and Exchange Committees, 1965-1975, 1981-1989), Colloquy Committee for Pastoral Ministry (Board for Higher Education, 1974-1989) and the Board for Missions.

Preus also served his community and other organizations. He was a member of the school board in Trail, Minnesota, from 1954 to 1957. From 1951 to 1957 he was a member of the Board of Regents for Bethany College in Mankato, Minnesota. Preus was also a member of many organizations and served them in various capacities. For example, from 1969 to 1980 he was a member of the board of the Lutheran Bible Translators.

Preus moved from Fort Wayne and to Minnesota with his wife in 1994. He fell victim to a fatal heart attack in 1995.

Scope and Content Note

The Robert D. Preus Collection comprises five series: Profile, Research, Correspondence, Seminary and Removal from Office. We encourage researchers to consult all of the series in the collection when investigating particular topics or events. Due to the nature of Preus’s career and to the positions he held, it is difficult to separate materials used in teaching from those used in research, as a participant in various organizations or in the administration of his presidential duties.

Profile Series

The Profile series is divided into 5 subseries: Subject Files, Clippings, Audio/Video, Student Days and Sermons.

The Subject Files are arranged in alphabetical order by topic and contain meeting materials, some correspondence and papers/essays that relate to the activities in which Preus participated on top of his duties at Concordia Seminary and Concordia Theological Seminary. These activities include LCMS boards, commissions and conventions; organizations such as Balance Inc., the Lutheran Concerns Association and the God’s Word to the Nations Bible Society; and personal materials such as biographical data, various handwritten notes, pocket diaries dating from 1975 to 1995 and information on several individual LCMS members.

There are most likely letters in the Correspondence series that relate to topics found in the Subject Files. For example, Rev. E. J. Otto corresponded regularly with Preus from approximately 1978 to 1983 as he was the editor of Affirm (published by Balance, Inc.). Many of these letters are located in the Correspondence series.

The Clippings subseries is arranged in chronological order and contains primarily clippings from newspapers and magazines. There are also conference announcements/schedules, 1-2 page circulars, newsletters, memorials and statements. It is probable that some of these materials arrived with letters that Dr. Preus received and were separated at some time. The clippings cover a wide range of topics, people and organizations.

The Audio/Video subseries comprises recordings of some of Preus’s conference presentations and audio recordings of presentations by others. These recordings were not produced and distributed by a group. They are private recordings and the quality often reflects this.

Two cassettes contain conversations between Preus and two Fort Wayne students in 1989 and 1992. These are both restricted.

There are two video cassettes of Preus’s presentations from the 1982 Trust Your Bible Conference: “What Does the Bible Say about the Bible?” and “Why Is It Important to Believe the Bible Is the Word of God?” These videos are the type used by television stations, they are not VHS home video cassettes.

The Student Days subseries is arranged in alphabetical order by class topic. These are notes and exams that Preus saved from his own days as a seminary student.

The Sermons subseries contains Preus’s sermons. They are arranged in two sections: Church Year and Special Occasions. The Church Year sermons are arranged in the order of the festivals (Advent through Reformation) and then chronologically within the folders (e.g., Easter 1953 before Easter 1954). The Special Occasion sermons are arranged in alphabetical order by type of occasion. Other brief works that appear to be sermons are filed as Miscellaneous.

Research Series

The Research series is divided into 3 subseries: Subject Files, Writings by Preus, and Writings by Others.

The Subject File subseries contains various essays, papers, statements, notes and clippings on a large number of theological issues. The files are arranged in alphabetical order by topic.

Most of these topics were assigned by the student members of the archives staff while processing the collection. Preus had some materials together while other materials were scattered throughout the collection. They have been brought together here. It is assumed that Preus used these materials to prepare for his classes and to conduct his own research in writing his articles and books. However, from the original order of the collection it is difficult to determine how he used these materials.

The Writings by Preus subseries consists of writings penned by Robert D. Preus. There are some works that have no byline, and the archives staff, in consultation with the Preus family, has determined that these were most likely written by Preus.

The writings have been placed in two sections and are in alphabetical order by title. The first section includes writings on many topics, while the second section contains only those articles pertaining to the 17th century theologians about whom Preus wrote and did research, such as Quenstadt, Gerhardt and Hollaz. Some of these articles have been published; others were used as class reading supplements.

Book reviews written by Preus appear at the end of the alphabetical sections. Due to their nature and to the small quantity, they have not been placed in any particular order. They date primarily from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

All published articles that appeared on the bibliography compiled by Preus in 1994 (Appendix A) were removed to the CHI library. Photocopies of articles from published journals were discarded and are noted on the list of articles removed in Appendix B.

Articles found here may have been published, but the source is not noted on the manuscript. Since there is occasionally more than one paper with the same title, possibly they are earlier or later drafts of published articles.

The writings in Writings by Others subseries are arranged alphabetically in two sections. The first section is arranged alphabetically by individual author name. The second section is arranged by either the name of the sponsoring organization (in the absence of an individual author) or by the title (when no other information was given).

Included here are articles from non-LCMS periodicals, drafts of papers sent to Dr. Preus soliciting his opinion, or papers delivered at conferences/conventions. These materials have been pulled together from throughout the collection. They did not have subject headings assigned to them, and how Preus used them is unclear.

Correspondence Series

The Correspondence series is divided into two subseries: General and Secretary. Both subseries are arranged in chronological order. Enclosures to letters are filed immediately behind the letter they accompanied. Most of the letters are filed by the date of Preus’s reply as his outgoing letters were often attached to the incoming letters. The archives staff supplied approximate dates to undated letters whenever possible. Dates and enclosure notes supplied by staff members appear in pencil in brackets.

The distinction between the two series is that letters in the Secretary subseries appeared to have been maintained by Preus’s secretary, Trudy Behning. She worked as his secretary from approximately 1978 until his retirement from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne.

The General Correspondence was most likely maintained by Preus and was placed together during the arrangement process.

The letters in the General Correspondence subseries span from 1945 to 1996. This subseries includes letters to and from family members, friends, international colleagues, teaching colleagues and lay members of the LCMS on a wide range of topics. Correspondence directly related to Preus’s duties as president of Concordia Theological Seminary is located in the Seminary series. Additional correspondence concerning the 1974 walkout at Concordia Seminary is also located in the Seminary series.

There is much correspondence between Robert Preus and his brother, Jacob, from 1945 until approximately 1974. Fewer letters appear from 1974 to 1994. While they discussed their families, they primarily shared points of view and information concerning theological issues of the day. The letters reveal the close relationship between the two brothers. Researchers will notice that Jack addressed Robert as “Big” and later Robert addressed Jack as “Big” as well.

The evolution of other personal and professional relationships is revealed in this accumulation of letters which spans fifty years. Other regular correspondents were Harlan Harnapp, E. J. Otto, Tom Hardt, B. W. Teigen, John Klotz, Waldo Werning, Ralph Bohlmann and Al Barry.

Throughout all the correspondence is discussion on the issues facing the LCMS. Correspondence in the late 1960s and early 1970s discusses fellowship with The American Lutheran Church. Also in the early 1970s is talk of the situation at Concordia Seminary and the eventual walkout. There is noticeably less correspondence in the years immediately following Preus’s appointment as president of Concordia Theological Seminary, 1975 to 1981.

Much of the correspondence deals with the many organizations in which Preus was an active member. He helped found several organizations such as Balance Inc., and many letters relate in toto or in part to the activities of these groups. Information on these groups is also found in the subject files of the Profile series, which may include some correspondence in addition to meeting materials and financial statements.

The General Correspondence contains many letters that are not addressed to or written by Preus. In some cases there are letters to Preus that explain how he acquired the other letters. In many cases there is no indication of how items came into Preus’s possession. There are many copies of Jacob’s correspondence while he was synodical president, particularly during the early years of his tenure.

The Secretary Correspondence spans from 1978 to 1984 and is mostly routine: acknowledgments, schedules and letters to prospective students. This subseries pertains to the Preus Administration at Concordia Theological Seminary and may also contain valuable information concerning events at the school.

Researchers are encouraged to examine both subseries, as there may be letters concerning the same topics or from some of the same correspondents. The archives staff made no attempt to divide or combine the two subseries but instead followed the original manner in which the files were kept while they were in Preus’s possession.

Seminary Series

The Seminary series contains 3 subseries: Teaching, St. Louis, and Fort Wayne. This series houses the materials related to Preus’s teaching and administrative duties at Concordia Seminary (St. Louis) and at Concordia Theological Seminary (Fort Wayne).

The Teaching subseries contains lecture materials, exams, course outlines and bibliographies. The series is arranged according to course numbers assigned to classes. Since Preus taught for more than 30 years, the course numbers could very well have changed and the same class content may appear in different folders. Researchers are advised to consult the appropriate school’s academic catalogs for assistance in exactly identifying the courses. The bibliographies that could not be identified with a specific class are filed as various bibliographies (f.755).

The St. Louis subseries includes materials that Preus collected while he taught at Concordia Seminary from 1957 to 1974. The materials are arranged in alphabetical order by topic. There are faculty opinion papers and joint faculty meeting materials that date from 1957. However, the bulk of the material relates to the doctrinal issues that led up to the 1974 walkout.

Preus placed papers, letters and notes in accupress binders for his own use. These materials have been removed from the binders for preservation purposes. The items have been placed into acid-free folders. The binders have been assigned Roman numerals. The items have not been rearranged, therefore, they appear in the folders exactly as Preus kept them in the binders.

Binder I (f.836-838) contains papers, essays and statements that the faculty discussed from approximately 1958 to 1966. There are some notes and one article that date 1970 and 1974. There are several papers and reactions to Martin Scharlemann’s essay, The Bible as Record, Witness, and Medium.

Binders II-V pertain to the walkout. They contain correspondence, statements, articles, memos and faculty meeting notes.

Binder II (f.839) contains primarily correspondence between the administration and the five faculty members who did not sign the Declaration of Members of the Faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in November 1970. Preus arranged the materials in an almost chronological manner from November 1970 to January 1972 using file dividers to separate the documents. Supporting documents of various dates often follow the documents that appear immediately behind the dividers. The last three dividers separate various position statements of students and faculty, including a Report of Five Faculty Members (12 Oct. 1971).

Binder III (f.840) contains administrative materials such as Board of Control dockets and minutes from 1974. After the walkout in January, Preus served as vice-president for academic affairs and later as acting president until he accepted the call to the presidency of Concordia Theological Seminary in Springfield, Illinois.

Binder IV (f.841-842) is entitled “Missouri Synod Controversy Documentation.” Correspondence is the primary component of the binder and is divided into three categories: Robert Preus-Tietjen Correspondence, Correspondence from Robert Preus, and Correspondence from Faithful Five. At the beginning of the binder are documents such as “The Moratorium (A Brief Report)” and an Appeal of Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, to the Board of Review of the American Association of Theological Schools.

Binder V (f.843-849) is titled “Theological Papers, Notes, Letters, Etc., on the Missouri Synod Controversy.” In addition to more correspondence are materials related to the Fact Finding Committee, memos on faculty and student meetings similar to transcripts, notes by Preus and papers discussing the historical-critical method with marginalia.

The Fort Wayne subseries contains files concerning Preus’s tenure as president and professor of Concordia Theological Seminary from 1978 to 1995. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order by topic. Most materials directly related to the Board of Regents action to remove Preus as president of the CTS and subsequent events appear in the Removal from Office series. However, peripheral issues related to the upheaval at CTS in 1989 and the 1990s are located in the Fort Wayne subseries.

There are materials concerning faculty, fund raising/development and students. There is a particularly large amount of correspondence with prospective overseas students. Some files also deal with administrative issues such as the Board for Professional Educational Services, the hiring of John Stephenson as an instructor and accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Removal from Office

The Removal from Office series is divided into 3 subseries: Indiana District Commission on Adjudication, Documents/Writings, and Biography. The folders in the subseries are arranged in alphabetical order by topic. Correspondence relating to this issue is located in the Correspondence series.

The Indiana District Commission on Adjudication subseries contains copies of the hearing transcript from August 1991. It also contains correspondence and legal documents pertaining to the case. The May 1992 decision of the LCMS Commission on Appeals is here.

The Documents/Writings subseries holds statements and articles, some of which were written by Preus, concerning the action of the Concordia Theological Seminary Board of Regents to remove him as president and that event’s aftermath. There is also some correspondence and notes written by Preus for his own use and for use in an eventual white paper.

The Biography subseries holds correspondence, notes and one chapter (draft and edited versions) of a book that was to be written about Preus with an emphasis on his experiences at Concordia Theological Seminary and with LCMS President Ralph Bohlmann.


Many materials that Preus collected were not unique, did not contain any notes made by him and did not reflect any original work done by him. Materials removed from the collection included many LCMS publications and meeting minutes/materials from the LCMS boards on which he served: Board for Missions; the Committee Responsible for International Scholarship Placement (CRISP) of the Board for Missions; the Colloquy Committee for Pastoral Ministry of the Board for Higher Education; and the Hermeneutics Committee of the Commission for Theology and Church Relations. For any of these materials please consult the records of the appropriate body maintained by Concordia Historical Institute.

Various minutes and agenda of the Concordia Theological Seminary Board of Regents were discarded. These are available at the Concordia Theological Seminary Archives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Preus served on the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Altenheim Society of Missouri. Minutes from the 19 June 1972 meeting have been removed to its own collection.

Preus was a trustee of the Weibe Mission Trust, which was set up as a scholarship fund by John Weibe. Weibe gave the Iowa District West assets with the stipulation that the district establish a trust to administer the property. Therefore, these meeting minutes and scholarship applications have been placed with the Iowa District West records at Concordia Historical Institute.

A video, “Public Forum of Presidential Candidates, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, May 6, 1989,” has been placed with the CHI video collection.

A previously unopened set of four audio cassettes from the Theological Convocation held at Concordia Seminary in April 1975, “The Nature and Function of Holy Scripture,” has been placed with the CHI audio collection. The cassettes were accompanied by a booklet containing five of the essays and one sheet listing the content of each cassette.

Folder List

Profile Series, Subject File subseries

f.1: Addresses (postal)
f.2-4: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE), 1994-1995
f.5: American Legion Auxiliary, 1947-1948
f.6-10: American Lutheran Church (ALC) Fellowship, 1955-1977
f.11: Association of American Lutheran Churches (AALC), 1986-1989
f.12: Association of Confessional Lutherans, 1993-1995
f.13: Australia, 1952-1984
f.14-26: Balance Inc./Affirm, 1970-1995
f.27: Bible Class Outline, n.d.
f.28: Bibliographies (RDP)
f.29: Biographical Data (RDP)
f.30: Black Lutheran Centennial, 1977-1978
f.31: Calls/Certificates, 1947-1952
f.32-34: Christians United for Reformation, Inc. (CURE), 1993-1995
f.35: Concordia Publishing House – Author Agreement, 1969
f.36: Conferences/Meetings, 1954-1994
f.37: Consultation on Christian Unity, 1964-1967
f.38-43: A Contemporary Translation, 1969-1970
f.44: Cornwall Committee (Norwegian Synod), 1946-1950
f.45: “Declaration of Determination,” 1970-1971
f.46: Evangelical Free Church of America, 1994
f.47: Evangelical Lutheran Church – Luther Seminary, 1948
f.48: Evangelism, 1969
f.49: Faith Forward-First Concerns, 1965
f.50: Federal Aid to Parochial Schools, 1947-1949
f.51: Free Conference, 1990-1993
f.52: GALA (Valparaiso), 1990-1991
f.53-56: God’s Word to the Nations Bible Society, 1988-1995
f.57: Good News Magazine (Russian Missions), 1994
f.58: Great Commission Convocation, 1988
f.59: Haitian Mission, 1990-1995
f.60: Hymn Duets
f.61-68: International Council on Biblical Innerancy (ICBI), 1977-1987
f.69-70: International Foundation for Lutheran Confessional Research, Inc., 1977-1995
f.71: Interview (by J. Walter Carpenter), 1990
f.72: Kairos Communication Service, 1988-1989
f.73: Rolf Larsen Investigation, 1993-1994
f.74: Jeffrey N. Larson, 1989-1990
f.75-78: LCMS: Advisory Committee on Doctrine and Conciliation:, 1974
f.79-86: LCMS: Board for Missions, 1974-1989
f.87-90: LCMS: Commission on Church Literature, 1972-1977
f.91-95: LCMS: Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR), 1965-1989
f.96-105: LCMS Conventions, 1967-1995
f.106: LCMS/Evangelical Lutheran Synod Fellowship Discussion, 1977-1980
f.107: Latvia Trip Reports (E. T. Teigen), 1990-1995
f.108-109: Luther Bible Society, 1985-1989
f.110-112: Lutheran Bible Translators, 1971-1974
f.113: Lutheran Church Extension Fund-Florida, 1984-1989
f.114-118: Lutheran Concerns Association, 1993-1995
f.119: Lutheran Council in the U.S.A. (LCUSA), 1973-1974
f.120: Lutheran Heritage Foundation, 1992-1995
f.121: Lutheran Social Service, 1983-1985
f.122: Lutheran Laymen’s League (LLL), 1969
f.123: Lutheran Valley Ranch Membership, 1970
f.124: Francis Machina Case, 1959
f.125: National Religious Broadcasters, 1983-1989
f.126-128: Notes (handwritten), 1971-1973
f.128: “Openness and Trust,” 1970
f.129-135: Herman Otten, 1960-1979
f.135: Photos, c.1915-1990
f.136-1995: Pocket Diaries:, 1975-1995
f.140: RALI News, 1993
f.141-142: Reviews
f.143: Martin Scharlemann, 1960-1961
f.144: Schoenhals vs. Mains, 1993
f.145: Statement of the 44, 1945-1948
f.146: Study Club, 1986
f.147: Sunday School Programming, 1966
f.148: Trip Diary, 1994
f.149: Gordon Waterman Case, 1977-1982

Audio/Visual subseries

a.c.1: Robert D. Preus dictation tape for secretary
a.c.2: KFUO Radio Interview with Dr. Sam Nafzger, “The Role of Women” (both sides)
a.c.3: Ralph A.Bohlmann, Wyoming District Convention April 1991 (both sides)
a.c.4: Walter A. Maier II, Minnesota North-1991 (one side only)
a.c.5: MISSIONS-President’s Advisory Council, May 18-19, 1984 (side 1 and 2)
a.c.6: MISSIONS- President’s Advisory Council, May 18-19, 1994, (side 3 only)
a.c.7: LCMS stand on ELCA presented by Dr. Robert D. Preus
a.c.8: Prof. Hoyer, Kalin, Wevermann (Portland, Oregon), October 23, 1973 (side 1 – poor recording/distorted, side 2 – clearer)
a.c.9: Dr. Preus Interview with Ilkka Vakkuri, 22 Oct 1989? (no year mentioned)’, see also f.964
a.c.10: Rocky Mountain 1991(speaker unidentified)
a.c.11: Barnhart, “Sexual Revolution & the Family Fallout”, Minnesota Lutheran Social Services, 1985
a.c.12: Dr. Bohlmann – Convocation, Ft. Wayne, 14 November 1990 (side 1 – 2)
a.c.13: Dr. Bohlmann – Convocation, 31 January 1990 (side 1 – 2)
a.c.14: Rev. Wallace Schulz, “An Open Door-Rev. 3:8,” (USSR Trip)
a.c.15: Dr. Samuel Nafzger, “Roles of Women in the Church,” , 22 April 1988, (side 1)
a.c.16: Norwegian Music (side A), Norwegian Church Relations (side B)
a.c.17: Dr. Andrew Steinmann, “The Old Testment & Confessional Theology,” Trinity Lutheran, (Lansing, MI) #1, 19 October 1991
a.c.18: Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn, “History of Confessional Lutheran Theology,” Trinity Lutheran (Lansing MI) #2, 19 October 1991
a.c.19: Dr. A. L. Barry, Trinity Lutheran (Lansing, MI) #4, 19 October 1991
a.c.20: North Dakota Convention, 1991
a.c.21: John Berg Conversation, 1992 (mini cassette, transcript in f.875)
v.c.1: Robert D. Preus( 11/5/82), Trust Your Bible Conference, “What Does the Bible Say about the Bible?”
v.c.2: Robert D. Preus (11/7/82), Trust Your Bible Conference, “Why is it Important to Believe the Bible is the Word of God?”

Clippings subseries

f.150-167: 1920-1995

Profile Series, Student Days subseries

f.168: Apologetics
f.169: Aramaic
f.170: Church History
f.171: Dogmatics
f.172: “Dogmatics Notes” by Prof. I.P. Meyer
f.173: Education
f.174: Ethics
f.175: European History
f.176-192: Exegesis

Profile Series, Sermons subseries (Church Year)

f.193-196: Advent, 1952-1964
f.197-198: Christmas, 1948-1956
f.199-200: New Year’s, 1955-1957
f.201-207: Epiphany, 1952-1955
f.208-209: Septuagesima, 1949
f.210: Quinquagesima
f.211-f.221: Lent, 1949-1953
f.222-230: Easter, 1953-1958
f.231-256: Trinity, 1944-1969
f.257: Reformation Day, 1953-1977
f.258: Apostacy

Profile Series, Sermons subseries (Special Occasions)

f.259: Addresses, 1953-92
f.260-263: Chapel, 1958-1993
f.264: Concordia Seminary–Selected Sermons, 1959-1960
f.265: Confessionals, 1947-1956
f.266: Confirmations, 1954-56
f.267: Funerals, 1948-92
f.268: Isaiah Series, 1949
f.269-270: Marriages, 1949-1990
f.271: Miscellaneous, 1949-1995
f.272: Missions, 1955-1956
f.273: Ordinations/Installations, 1952-1995
f.274: Thanksgiving 1953-1954

Research Series, Subject File subseries

f.275-277: Christology
f.278-286: Church & Ministry
f.287-307: Church Fellowship
f.308-310: Church Growth
f.311-319: Confessional Concerns:
f.320-329: Confessions
f.330-333: Eschatology
f.334-343: Exegetical
f.344-345: Hermeneutics
f.346-359: Historical Criticism:
f.360-365: Inerrancy
f.366-371: Inspiration
f.372-383: Justification
f.384-390: Justification – W. A. Maier Jr.
f.391-403: Lord’s Supper
f.404-410: Lutheran Confessions
f.411-412: Notes
f.413-417: Notes on Reformers
f.418-422: Post Reformation Lutheran Theology
f.423-427: Scripture in Reformation Era & Golden Orthodoxy
f.428-435: Social Issues
f.436-446: Word of God

Preus Writings subseries: Articles in Alphabetical Order

f.447-461: A-W
f.462: Book Reviews (1)
f.463: Book Reviews (2)
f.464: No Title
f.465: Translation
17th Century Orthodox Theologians
f.466-467: B-V

Writings by Others subseries

f.468-495: Individual Authors
f.496-505: Institution/Organization/Title
f.506: Unidenitified (no authors/titles/orgs.)
f.507: Book Reviews (various authors)

General Correspondence subseries

f.508-679: 1945-1996

Secretary’s Correspondence subseries

f.680-754: 1978-1989

Seminary Series, Teaching subseries

f.755: Bibliographies (various)
f.756: Core Bibliographies
f.757: Earliest Christian Creeds
f.758: Eschatology Lecture Notes
f.759: General Class Material (no Course Number)
f.760: H-323 – Movement of Thought III
f.761: Master Tests – Dogmatics
f.762: Master Tests – Philosophy
f.763: Outline for Christological Terminology Lecture
f.764: P-570 Ministry of Aging
f.765: P-890 – Theology and Modern Literature
f.766: Philosophy Lecture Material
f.767: Proposed Courses (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis)
f.768: S-010
f.769: S-011 – Theology of the Lutheran Confessions I
f.770: S-012 – Theology of the Lutheran Confessions II
f.771: S-100 – Dogmatics I
f.772: S-101 – Theology of the Lutheran Confessions I
f.773: S-102 – Symbolics II
f.774: S-110 – Symbolics I
f.775: S-120 – Lutheran Confessions I
f.776: S-121 – Lutheran Confessions II
f.777: S-150 – Christian Dogmatics (Unit I)
f.778: S-150 – Christian Dogmatics (Unit II)
f.779: S-150 – Christian Dogmatics (Unit III)
f.780: S-150 – Christian Dogmatics (Unit IV)
f.781: S-160 – Dogmatics II
f.782: S-170 – Dogmatics II
f.783: S-200 – Doctrine of the Word
f.784: S-201
f.785: S-202 – Dogmatics II Christology
f.786: S-204 – Dogmatics II
f.787: S-210 – Symbolics I
f.788: S-220 – Symbolics II
f.789: S-222 – Confessions I
f.790: S-223 – Lutheran Confessions II
f.791: S-230 – Symbolics III
f.792: S-294 – History of Western Philosophy
f.793: S-295 – Philosophy
f.794: S-304
f.795: S-307 – The Doctrine of Justification
f.796: S-331 – Dogmatics
f.797: S-400 – The Word of God (Study Material)
f.798: S-400 – The Word of God
f.799: S-435 – Soteriology and the Means of Grace
f.800: S-437 – Dogmatics
f.801: S-440 – Dogmatics – The Word as Means of Grace
f.802: S-442 – The Theology of the Catholic Creeds
f.803: S-467 – Dogmatics – Justification
f.804: S-472 – Dogmatics
f.805: S-473 – The Word of God
f.806: S-475 – Soteriology and The Means of Grace
f.807: S-490 – Philosophy
f.808: S-491 – Philosophy
f.809: S-494 – Philosophy
f.810: S-510 – Justification
f.811: S-512 – The Word of God
f.812: S-520 – Theology of Lutheran Confessions
f.813: S-543 – The Scriptural Basis of the Lutheran Symbols
f.814: S-562 – The Basic Theology of the Reformation
f.815: S-564 – Christology
f.816: S-567 – Dogmatics III
f.817: S-592
f.818: S-595 – Systematic Theology Today
f.819: S-622 – Doctrine of the Word
f.820: S-700 – The Formula of Concord
f.821: S-701 – Doctrine of the Word
f.821a: S-718 – Reformed & Lutheran Confessions
f.822: S-720 – Confessional Themes in Contemporary Theology
f.823: S-721 – Theology Post-Reformation Lutheranism
f.824: S-764 – Christology
f.825: S-781 – Biblical Authority from Luther to the Present
f.826: S-833 – The Ecclesiology of Lutheran Orthodoxy
f.827: S-834 – Christology and Soteriology in Lutheran Orthodoxy
f.828: S-839 – Prolegomena and the Doctrine of God in Lutheran Theology
f.829: S-861 – Doctrine of the Atonement
f.830: S-864 – Christology
f.831: S-878 – The Sacrament and the Church in Post-Reformation Lutheran Theology
f.832: S-890 – Systematic Theology Today
f.833: Scripture and Lutheran Confessions

Seminary Series, St. Louis subseries

f.834: American Association of Theological Schools, 1972-74
f.835: “Appraisal of Faculty Interviews,” June 1971
f.836-849: Binders, I-V
f.850: Board of Control Notes (by RDP)
f.851: Concordia Theological Monthly, 1971-1972
f.852: Curriculum, 1957-c.1972
f.853-858: Faculty, 1957-1974
f.859: Fellowship Applications
f.860: Ralph D. Gehrke, 1966-1971
f.861: Memoirs in Exile Review, 1990
f.862: Seminex Resolution, c.1975
f.863: Systematic Theology Department
f.864: John Teitjen
f.865-866: Walkout

Seminary Series, Fort Wayne subseries

f.867: Administrative (miscellania), 1978-1995
f.868-869: Aid Association for Lutherans, 1978-1989
f.870: Amnesty International, 1983-1984
f.871: Association of Confessional Lutheran Seminaries, 1980-1985
f.872-874: ATS Self Study, 1990
f.875: John Berg: Conversation Transcript, 1992 (a.c.21)
f.876: Board for Professional Education Services, 1984-1986
f.877-878: Board of Regents, 1974-1993
f.879: Herbert G. Bredemeier, 1978-1979
f.880: Burlingame Course, 1995
f.881-883: China, 1976-1989
f.884: Colurelli Report, 1986
f.885: Colloquy, 1979-1982
f.886: Commission on Constitutional Matters, 1984-1985
f.887: Concordia College (River Forest, IL), 1975-1989
f.888: Concordia College (Edmonton), 1988
f.889: Concordia Publishing House, 1980-1989
f.890: Concordia Seminary (StL)–Faculty Policies, 1978-1979
f.891: Terry DeGiovanni, 1987-1993
f.892-893: Department Chairs Endowed, 1983-1992
f.894: Philip Draheim Correspondence, 1979-1989
f.895: Employment Contract, 1994
f.896-897: Endowment Drive, 1987-1989
f.898: Endowments, 1987-1988
f.899: Enrollment Study, 1995
f.900-905: Faculty, 1980-1995
f.906: Fellowship Applications, 1993
f.907: Financial, 1986-1990
f.908: Graduation, 1993
f.909: Fred Hanson, 1984-1988
f.910: Frederick Harm, 1983
f.911: Kantor, 1992
f.912: Kobe Lutheran Bible Institute, 1980-1981
f.913: Leadership in the ’80s Seminar, 1982
f.914-918: Doris-Jean Lewis Correspondence, 1978-1989
f.919: Lutheran Brotherhood, 1979-1989
f.920: Lutheran Laymen’s League (LLL), 1977-1989
f.920a: Management Audit, 1975-1982
f.921: Gilbert Meske, 1978-1981
f.922: Mill Neck Foundation, 1985-1989
f.923: Nepotism, 1984-1989
f.924-946: Overseas Students, 1969-1990
f.947: Papal Visitation of American Catholic Seminaries, 1986
f.948: Pastoral Ministry/Missions Department, 1994
f.949: Placements (graduates), 1992
f.950: President’s Advisory Council, 1988-1989
f.951: Dean Reuning, 1994-1995
f.952: Wibert Rosin, 1982-1983
f.953-957: Seminary Development (Dept. of Stewardship & Financial Support), 1982-1989
f.958: Statistics, 1980-1987
f.959: John Stephenson Case: Articles
f.960: John Stephenson Case: Correspondence, 1987-1989
f.961: Systematic Theolgy Dept., 1991-1995
f.962: Gregory Thompson, 1992-1993
f.963: “Trends in the Future of Theological Education” (John Fletcher)
f.964: Ilkka Vakkuri-Conversations, 1989-1994
f.965: Charles Varsogea, 1992-1993
f.966-1967: John Weibe Correspondence, 1981-1989
f.968: Waldo Werning, 1992-1995

Removal from Office Series, Indiana District Commission on Adjudication subseries

f.969-971: Correspondence/Documents, 1989-1992
f.972: Decision of LCMS Commission on Appeals, 31 May 1992
f.973-984: Hearing Transcript (8/1991), vols. I-VI
f.985: Plaintiff’s Exhibits (1)
f.986: Plaintiff’s Exhibits(2)
f.987: Defendant’s Exhibits
f.988: Preus Notes
f.989: Opinion of the Indiana District Commission on Adjudication, 20 January 1992

Documents/Writings subseries

f.990: Allen County (IN) Court Transcript, 1989
f.991: Anarchy, 1992
f.992: Trudy Behning Memo, 7/3/92
f.993: “The Capture of a Seminary” by Rolf Preus
f.994: “Chronology Notes” by W. E. Reimnitz, 1990-1991
f.995: Discrimination Charges, 1989
f.996: Housing 1994
f.997: “Is It Theological,” n.d.
f.998: Legal Fees, 1989-1993
f.999: Martin Noland, 1991
f.1000: Notes by Preus
f.1001: Petitions of Support, 1989
f.1002: Publications, 1991-1992
f.1003: “A Report” by RDP, 1993
f.1004: “A Statement” by RDP, 1993
f.1005: Statements/Resolutions, 1984-1992
f.1006: Synodical Board of Directors Letters, 1991
f.1006a: Telephone Conversation Transcript/Notes, 27 July 1989
f.1007: White Paper Notes, 1994

Biography subseries (restricted)

f.1008: Correspondence, 1991-1993
f.1009-1011: Information (General & Depositions), 1984-1993
f.1012-1017: Memoirs

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