Concordia Historical Institute’s Hours, Rules and Fees

Concordia Historical Institute’s Reference Staff is delighted to assist you. Here are our hours and rules for researching in person:

  • Reference services are available 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. We are closed for certain holidays.
  • In order for us to prepare for your visit, we recommend always checking ahead of time before traveling long distance ( or 314-505-7905). You should come with a specific question or topic in mind.
  • Research is free to CHI members and LCMS seminary and Concordia University System students with a valid ID. A $10.00 daily access fee applies to all others.
  • You will need to sign in.
  • Briefcases, bookbags, etc., are not allowed in reference areas. Lockers are provided for you to secure these items while you do your research. No food or drink!
  • It is the responsibility of you the researcher to treat archival materials carefully. Materials in folders need to be kept in order. Only pencil is used when working with archival materials. There are limits to the amount of material made available at one time. No marking in materials, no removing marks in materials and no post-it notes on materials.
  • Copies are made in accordance with copyright laws. There are limits and charges if copies are made by CHI staff. Photographic duplication is allowed using your camera, smartphone, tablet or computer scanner.
  • Some materials have restrictions and may require special arrangements. CHI reserves the right to limit or restrict access to materials.


Researching by Mail / Email / Phone

Researchers unable to come to St. Louis may have research done by CHI’s reference staff by submitting a request through postal mail, email or phone call. Fees apply (with discounts to Institute members).

Fees will be discussed prior to work being done and payment is not required before work is started. Postage and handling charges may apply if copies are mailed to you. 

Service Charges

Research by CHI Staff

First hour of research (including consultation)

Member: Free
Nonmember: $20.00

Additional research per hour

Member: $20.00
Nonmember: $30.00

Biographical Sketch of Pastor/Teacher – $20.00/sketch

Certification of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage or Burial for official/marriage purposes, with CHI corporate seal – $20.00

Photocopies made by CHI Staff

Member: $0.25 each
Nonmember: $0.40 each
Minimum charge for photocopies sent via Postal Mail or scans sent via email: $6.00 (includes up to 15 copies). Copies sent by postal mail will include postage.

Archival-Quality Printed Images or Scans

See our Information Sheet 6B for pricing

CD Reproduction – $15.00/CD plus cost of contents plus postage

Loans of Microfilm Records from CHI Collection

$20.00 per roll plus postage through Inter-Library Loan. A maximum of two rolls may be borrowed at one time.

If you have a request for information or reference services, please send an e-mail to

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