The Missouri Synod and World War I

as documented in the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly

and other publications

Sometimes our patrons ask if we have any information on the Missouri Synod and World War I. Their reason for asking varies. Some want to know what the Lutheran Church's attitude was toward Germany, a country from which many of the LCMS's ancestors came. Some want to know if the Lutheran Church in general, and the Missouri Synod specifically, was pacifist. Others want to know if we have any records of pastoral reflections on World War I.

In an effort to provide patrons with answers to these questions we compiled this list of articles from various issues of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly as well as a few others. The articles are arranged chronologically, and the issue and page number has been provided, so if a patron would like a copy of the article they can request it. If patrons have access to EBSCO through ATLAS Plus they can obtain the article through that database.

CHIQ Articles

History of Concordia College New Orleans
CHIQ XXXVI No.3, p.65-94 (WW I on 92)

Language, Loyalty, and Liberty: The Nebraska State Council of Defense and the Lutheran Churches, 1917-1918
CHIQ XXXVII no. 1, p.1-16

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod reacts to United States Anti-Germanism During World War I
CHIQ XXXV no. 2, p.49 forward

The Patriotism and Anti-Prussianism of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod 1914-1918
CHIQ XXXIX no. 3, p.99 forward

The Stance of Missouri in 1917
CHIQ XL no. 3, p.119-126

The National Lutheran Commission for Soldiers’ and Sailors Welfare
CHIQ XL no. 3, p.127-132

Some Lutherans Reactions to War and Pacifism, 1917-1941
CHIQ XLI no. 3, p.121-130

Some Effects of World War I on the General Synod and General Council
CHIQ XLIII no. 2, p.83-92

Superpatriotism in World War I: The Experience of a Lutheran Pastor
CHIQ XLI no. 1, p.3-11

World War I and the Lutheran Union
CHIQ XLI no. 1, p.51-64

Friederich Bente on World War I in Lehre und Wehre
CHIQ XLII no. 3, p.133-135

New York Lutherans and World War I
CHIQ XL no. 1, p.2

Other published items

Testimony and Proof Bearing on the Relation of the American Lutheran Church to the German Emperor.
"The Lutheran Church vs. Hohenzollerism"
Theodore Graebner

American Lutherans on the Home Front During World War I
Mark Granquist

The War to End All Germans: Wisconsin Synod Lutherans and the First World War
Steven Scott Gurgel

He Makes Wars to Cease: Canadian Lutherans and World War I
Norman J. Threinen

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