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LCMS. Board for Social Ministry Services (1981–1992), Supplement 1 (1949–1984)

Collection Number: A-0038
Extent: 6.00 cubic feet
Arrangement: This collection is arranged in 6 boxes, which contain 277 folders
Collection Material Type: Official Records (papers and photographs)

This collection was transferred to Concordia Historical Institute from the Department of Human Care and World Relief, LCMS in April 2008.

Organizational History:

The Missouri Synod established a Department of Social Welfare at the 1950 convention, meeting in Milwaukee, Wis. It began full operation on 1 October 1953 with offices in the Lutheran Building in Saint Louis, Missouri. The convention provided that a Board of Social Welfare be appointed by the synodical president. The board consisted of five members, of whom two were to be chosen from the membership of the Executive Board of Associated Lutheran Charities. Henry F. Wind was the first executive secretary of the department.

In 1967 the name of the entity was changed to the Board of Social Ministry. In 1969 it was merged with the Board of World Relief into the Board of Social Ministry and World Relief.

The Board for Social Ministry Services was constituted by the Synod as an “appointed support services board” to include the functions of the previous Board for Social Ministry and World Relief. This was the result of a recommendation of Task Force II on Constitution, Bylaws and Structure:

It is essential that the responsibilities of the Synod in the area of social ministry services be properly discharged through an appointed support services board. In recent years a major portion of the Social Ministry services has been the accreditation of agencies and institutions, an extremely important responsibility. The board will also continue the present important activity with reference to accreditation for institutional chaplaincies, special projects on behalf of congregations, cooperatives projects, and giving assistance to congregations in their concern for human care.

The name of the board was changed to Board for Human Care Ministries in 1992. In 2010 a major restructuring of the Synod brought the work of human care ministries and world relief, including disaster response, into a new Office of International Mission.

Scope of Content:

This collection documents the domestic and international work of Lutheran institutions in the U.S. in the field of human and social care: the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), Lutheran Resource Commission—Washington (LRC-W), Lutheran Council in the U.S.A. (LCUSA), and their boards and various committees (e.g., Committee on Housing Concerns, Committee on Alcohol and Drug Dependency) for the period from 1949 to 1984, most of the work taking place in the 1960s and 1970s.

The bulk of the collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, agendas, reports, publications, and financial documents. In addition, there are documents describing the Lutheran social service system, the theology of social welfare, conference papers, programs, and more. The collection also contains documented work and education of chaplains who served in social care and medical institutions; 21 photographs (20 color ones and 1 black and white one) illustrate the work of some of these chaplains. The original order of the collection has been preserved, except for arranging the chaplains’ folders alphabetically by last name.

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Detailed Description:


F.1: Lutheran Resource Commission – Washington (LRC-W): minutes, reports, agendas, financial and other documents from meetings and conferences, 1975 – 1978:

LRC-W Chicago Regional Conference on Resource Development, June 23-24, 1975; LRC-W Kansas City Regional Conference on Resource Development, conference program (June 28-30); letters dated May 24 and 26, 1976; LRC-W San Francisco Conference on Resource Development, Dec.13-15, 1976; LRC-W National and Regional Staff Conference, Oct.30 – Nov.1, 1977; Board of Commissioners Meeting, Oct. 26-27, 1978 – Minutes; Agenda; Executive Committee Meetings, Oct. 26, June 16, 1978 – Minutes; Correspondence, July 10, Oct 3, 1978; [Exhibit C]: Rules of Procedure; LRC-W – Financial Report, Feb.28, 1978; Report of finances, income and expenses, 1 March-30 Sept., 1978; LRC-W – Commission Members, Resumes; Report of the Advisory Committee, Oct. 26-27, 1978; A Summary Report on 1978 Grant Results

F.2: Lutheran Resource Commission – Washington (LRC-W): minutes, reports, agendas, financial and other documents from meetings and conferences, 1978 – 1980:

Requests made to Lutheran Resources Commission, March 1 – Oct. 15, 1978; LRC-W Resource Development Conference for Higher Education, 1978; Board of Commissioners Meetings, March 19-20, 28-29, 1978; Executive Committee Meetings, March 19, 28; June 16, 1978; Report of Finances, 1 March 1978 – 28 February 1979; Projections until 1981; Report of Finances, 1 March – 31 May; 1 March – 31 October, 1979; Executive Committee Meeting, Oct. 29, 1979; Board of Commissioners Meeting, Oct. 29-30, 1979; Executive Committee Meeting, March 25, 1980; Board of Commissioners Meeting, March 25-26, 1980; Anderson, Floyd, R. – Resume; Balance Sheet, 1 March 1979 – 29 Feb. 1980; Proposed Budget; Requests made to Lutheran Resources Commission; Special Report – Funding for the Preservation of Historically, Architecturally, and Artistically Significant Churches; National Trust for Historic Preservation – Regional Offices

F.3: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, Committee on Housing Concerns: correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes, reports, financial and other documents, 1977 – 1979:

Agendas: Jan.20, Sept.8, Sept. 17, 1977; April 27, 1979; Correspondence; LHRAA North Suburban Chicago Project; Workshop on Housing, Jan. 21, 1977; LCMS Sub-Committee Notes, May 18, 1977; Meetings of the Committee on Housing Concerns and Lutheran Housing Association of St. Louis: May 24, 1977, Special Meeting of the same organizations, June 1, 1977; Minutes, Sept. 17, 1977; Human / Economic Appalachian Development, July 26, 1977; Christ Open Housing; Proposal for Implementation of Walnut Park Model on a National Scale; Correspondence, May 1978; Minutes of meetings: June 24, 1978; Sept. 21-22, 1979; Distress Cities – a list; Oklahoma Testing Laboratories – Report, Aug.30, 1977; Riverside Neighborhood Association, INC – Correspondence, Dec.1976; Our Savior’s Association for Housing – report, Feb.28, 1979; Lutheran Association for Senior Services (LASS), Letter, March 15, 1979; Metro Fair Housing Services, Decatur, GA – Accomplishments, 1978; The Lutheran Church and Housing Endeavors; Steps in Developing a Housing Project; A list of special reports, April 27, 1979; Correspondence, Oct.- Nov., 1979; Background information for World Relief / Keys for Christ Meeting; Housing Accomplishments; A Conversation – a description of Keys for Christ Program; Newspaper articles (3): in Reporter, May 15, 1978, Lutheran Witness, Feb., 1978, Oklahoma City Times, Dec.7, 1978.

F.4: Lutheran Social Service System (LSSS) – Policy Committee and Training Committee Activities, 1977:

Documented meetings of the Policy Committee, Ad Hoc Committee on Training in various cities in the U.S. throughout 1977: agendas, minutes, operating budgets, financial documents, reports of directors on current activities and projects, criteria for affiliation and incorporation, memoranda, documents on grants for expending and reprogramming the Service Information Systems (SIS) data processing program; Training Committee Minutes; updates on affiliations and reaffiliations; staff meetings summary notes.

F.5: Lutheran Social Service System (LSSS) – Policy Committee and Education and Training Committee Activities, 1978 (part 1):

Policy Committee Minutes (June, Sept.): financial report, agenda, minutes, resolution; Education and Training Committee Minutes; history of the social service agencies and institutions within the LCMS; special meeting memo; reports summaries / summary of reaffiliation studies of : Lutheran Social Services in San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, Indianapolis, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Buffalo, NY, Columbus, OH, Dayton OH; the Lutheran Church and housing endeavors; Luthard Gherde, interim director plan of actions; LSSS program design.

F.6: Lutheran Social Service System (LSSS) – Policy Committee and Education and Training Committee Activities, 1978 (part 2):

Policy Committee Minutes (Feb); Director’s Activity Report (Feb-June), Financial Report (Feb.); Education and Training Committee (March); Scholarship Applications; Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc. correspondence; issue paper – corporate structures; Lutheran Children’s Friend Society correspondence; summary notes of staff meeting; memoranda (May); report on consultation; renewal of affiliation studies

F.7: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), The Board of World Relief, 1967, 1968 (Jan. – April) (part 1):

Minutes of board meetings in different cities, disaster relief fund, agendas, operating account reports; proposed budget, cash budget summary, newsletter – CSM in Vietnam; special projects and cash grants; contact people; W. Walter Weber – National Ministry Consultant South Dakota District, LCMS correspondence, policy statement; qualification and job description for the Executive Secretary of World Relief; supplies shipping report.

F.8: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), The Board of World Relief, June 1968 – June 1969 (part 2):

Minutes, agendas, newsletters, correspondence, a report on Nigeria, operating account reports, and other office documents.

F.9: Healing Practices and the Church: documents from conferences and retreats, 1967-1974:

Coonoor Conference on the Healing Ministry of the Church, Coonoor, South India, March 1967: Introductory remarks, agenda for the 4th and the 5th day; “Coonoor Revisited” – an essay by Dr. Edward May, Oct.,1974; “The Survival of Theological Language Among Healers” by Charles Knippel. The Healing Arts and the Church: Medical – Theological Retreat, Peaceful Valley, Colorado, Sept. 23-27, 1968 – Proceedings

F.10: Booklets from the Coonoor Conference, India, 1967:

Coonoor Conference (3 booklets): Selected Study Papers; Bulle’s Foibles; Seminary, Findings and Proceedings; the date and year of publication is unidentified. That Thy Saving Health May Be Known: an evaluation of the Coonoor Conference on the Healing Ministry of the Church, March 10-14, 1980

F.11: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, Committee on Housing Concerns: correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes, reports, financial and other documents, 1970:

Agendas from meetings, proposal for pilot seminars for pastors and church officers, applications for housing funds, policy regarding service fees on loans for housing, proposal to stimulate action in districts, memos, minutes, proposal for publicity on housing, guaranty and its uses, correspondence; LCMS’s involvement in Housing Program; possible structure for housing program on inter-Lutheran basis; newspaper article; applications for housing funds and related documents and correspondence; agreements.

F.12: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, Committee on Housing Concerns activities: correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes, reports, financial and other documents, 1971 – 1972:

Minutes, reports, guidelines, articles, proposals for cooperation with similar committees in other cities; Lutheran Housing Coalition Committee goals and objectives; newsletters; a sermon on housing; an account of Greater Greensboro Lutheran Housing Association

F.13: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief international activities, 1965-1967:

Meetings minutes, financial / budget documents; a program in Vietnam; method of distribution of world relief funds; shipments, cumulative reports of shipments (Feb.1946 – Jan.1966); report for 1965; Lutheran World Relief (LWR) work program request, budget request for 1967; agendas, disaster relief fund accounts; visual aid materials: motion pictures descriptions: documentaries, filmstrips. Accounts of activities in Korea, Chile, Brazil, India; Jordan; a list of countries receiving supplies from LWR, Inc.; account report; polity statement on the relationship of the LCMS and Lutheran Health and Welfare Agencies; food program; LWR budget estimates; LWR Clothing Program, 1967

F.14: LCMS, The Board of World Relief: Disaster Relief Fund international activities, Jan. – Sept. 1967:

Agendas, minutes of meetings; accounts of activities in foreign countries: Tanzania, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Brazil , Chile, Ethiopia, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Jordan, Taiwan; Annual Report for 1996; special projects and programs (clothing, food, etc.), reports on supplies shipped; a budget request for 1968

F.15: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, Committee on Housing Concerns activities: correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes, reports, financial and other documents, 1973:

Meetings, agendas, minutes; Mission Hollybrook Report (Jan. 1973); correspondence, applications for housing funds; Lutheran Housing Services Corporation’s report; appraisal of vacant property in California; LCMS – Florida-Georgia District

F.16: The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, Committee on Housing Concerns activities, 1974-1976:

Correspondence, minutes, agendas, an article; Lutheran Social Service System – staff notes; Lutheran Social Action Conference report (1976); The Inter-Religious Coalition for Housing: correspondence, an application for housing funds.

F.17: Lutheran Social Service System, 1975:

Staff notes, program designs, reports, memos, surveys, agendas, report of task force on social service agency consultation, participants; policies, criteria, and procedures for the endorsement of Lutheran Social Service agencies and institutions; minutes, correspondence, a summary of discussion; Lutheran Social Service System Policy Committee: correspondence, agendas, minutes, objectives.

F.18: Lutheran Social Service System, Policy Committee activities, 1976-1977:

Correspondence, agendas, minutes; financial statement; executive director – job description

F.19: The Board of Social Ministry and World Relief activities, 1963-1966:

Reports and agendas, budget statement, correspondence, minutes, staff services, job descriptions; Report of the Lutheran Committee on Mental Retardation (1963-1966); Task Forces II and III – notes, reports; Task Force IV – Chaplaincy Services for the Mentally Retarded in Public Institutions – description of the program in various educational institutions throughout the U.S.; a list of institutions in the Atlantic District; observations and suggestions on the programs in N. and S. Wisconsin Districts.

F.20: The Structure of the Lutheran Church in Canada. The Board of Social Welfare of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) activities, 1965-1967:

A Philosophy and Plan for Lutheran Pastoral Care to Persons in Institutions in Canada (1966). Minutes, reports, agendas, work program request, a study of the financing of Lutheran Financial welfare agencies; a program of a conference in Chicago, Nov. 1966.

F. 21: Departmental Committee on Services to the Aging activities, 1956 – 1964 (1956, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964):

Objectives, agendas, minutes, correspondence; preliminary study on the accreditation of nursing homes and homes for the aged, general principles for accrediting homes; a list of concepts used in The Care of the Aged; White House Conference on Aging (1961), a program.


F.22: Theology of Social Welfare, 1949-1961

Conference papers presented by Lutheran scholars and pastors throughout the U.S. in various years demonstrating the scriptural foundation, the theological and historical grounds for welfare work, particularly the Lutheran welfare work. This folder contains eight papers, only four of which are dated: one from1949, two from 1958, and one from 1961.

Lutheran World Conference on Social Responsibility, Aug.7-10, 1957, Springfield, Ohio – papers from a plenary session led by Rev. Andreas Grasmo, Oslo Innermission Norway

F.23: Theology of Social Welfare, 1956-1964

This folder contains seven more conference papers on the subject of the relationship between the Lutheran Church and social welfare, three dated from 1963 and three – from 1964.

The Department of Social Welfare: Resolutions to Welfare Work and Institutional Chaplaincy Services adopted at two conventions – St. Paul, MN, 1956; San Francisco, CA, 1959

F.24: Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) domestic and international activities, 1968-1970:

Agendas, minutes, memos, budget authorizations, account reports, correspondence, programs reviews for Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Korea; newspaper publications, newsletters; Economies in Standard Operations: Statement of Policy and Procedures; Guidelines for permanent and temporary staffing

F.25: Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, (LCMS) activities, 1970:

A Study Regarding Amnesty; conscientious objectors (basic information); A Manual for Social Ministry Boards of the Districts of Synod; Standards for Social Service Agencies and Institutions (a brochure); A lecture on drug addiction by Max Metcalf (two parts); notes on the problem of alcohol and drug addiction; agendas, minutes, memos, budget authorizations, account reports, correspondence

F.26: Lutheran Social Service System – Policy Committee activities, 1978-1982:

Minutes dated 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982

F.27: Division of Welfare Services, Lutheran Council in the U.S.A. (LCUSA), 1966-1967:

Orientation and planning meeting minutes (March 23-24, 1966); proposed agendas and minutes, (March, 1967); proposed agendas and minutes, budget statements, scholarship program (Sept. 1967); Department of Institutional Chaplaincy: proposed agenda and minutes (Aug. and Sept. 1967); Pastoral Education, Department of Immigration and Refugee Services, Board Manuals;

“Profile of Lutherans” Research Project: the research proposal, proposed questionnaire, a review of previous publications (Sept. 1967); The Research Task of the Church (an essay); Lutheran Health and Welfare Forum – a workshop program (Oct. 1967)

F.28: Lutheran Resources Commission-Washington (LRC-W) activities, 1975-1977:

Financial reports, rules of procedure, commission members, reports of the LRC-W Advisory Committee, members; requests made to Lutheran Resources Commission; estimated amounts raised; an expansion of LRC-W research capability, special report, Board of Directors meetings minutes, Executive Committee minutes; correspondence; agendas, reports, cooperative agreements, commission members; requests made to Lutheran Resources Commission; correspondence; rules of procedure; San Francisco Conference on Resource Development (Dec. 13-15, 1976)

F.29: Lutheran Resources Commission-Washington (LRC-W) activities, 1977:

Executive Committee meetings, agendas, minutes; correspondence, financial report; Board meetings: agendas, minutes, officers and executive committee; report of the Advisory Committee, membership roster; requests made to Lutheran Resources Commission; grants and loans reported by LRC-W clients; National staff conference (Oct 30- Nov 1, 1977); financial reports, balance sheets; rules of procedure; examples of volunteer service by committee members.

F.30: Committee on Housing Concerns activities, Board of Social Ministry & World Relief, LCSM, 1967-1969:

Committee on Open Housing: agendas and minutes of the meetings of the Board of Social Ministry (Nov. 6. 1967; Jan., March, April, June, Sep., Nov. 1968); correspondence from 1968; Prospectus for Housing Sunday, Feb. 1969; brochures on scriptural basis for housing concerns, criteria for housing projects, vital questions on housing.

F.31: Committee on Housing Concerns activities, Board of Social Ministry & World Relief, LCSM, 1968-1969:

Agendas and minutes of the meetings of the Board of Social Ministry; correspondence; Statement on Priorities by the Board of Social Service; reports; a list of housing project; memos; publications, a newsletter; draft of a five-year plan for housing (1969-1974); priorities for projects on construction and rehabilitation; applications for housing funds; housing task force; an account of the Lutheran Social Action Conference in Milwaukee, April 1968; financial reports (Jan.- Oct.,1969).

F.32: Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, LCSM activities, 1971-1972:

Board of Social Ministry and World Relief: agendas, minutes, notices of action, correspondence, memos, budget memos; a list of world service projects and criteria for these projects; resolutions presented at the 49th regular LCMS convention in Milwaukee, July 1971; minutes from a meeting on Appalachia; LHRAA Chicago project inventory; “A Ministry to Men Facing the Draft” ( a brochure); criteria for evaluating proposals for a national health care program; a summary of consultation on national health care, Chicago, May, 1971; notes on conferences with government officials, Sep. 27, 1971; accreditation – Lutheran social services of North Dakota, Oct. 1971. (May-Oct.1971)

F.33: Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, LCMS activities, 1971 – 1973

Agendas, minutes, notices of action, correspondence, memos, financial/budget statements; World Relief guidelines, 1972 budget and other documents; training documents for chairmen of district boards; Project Compassion Exploration; job descriptions; Guidelines for the Lutheran Housing Coalition; housing educational programs; accreditations for Lutheran social services; requests for re-accreditation of various Lutheran homes, apartments, and the Lutheran Service Society of Denver, Colorado; summary report of activities for the period 1968-1972; a workshop for chairmen of district boards minutes; around the world trip itinerary (1971); guidelines for the Lutheran Housing Coalition; objectives regarding race relations; Lutheran World Federation-World Service Commission Meeting in Tanzania (1972) and suggested projects for 1973.

F.34: Lutheran World Relief Board of Directors activities, 1984:

Proposed policy of Lutheran World Relief Inc.; agendas, minutes of Board of Directors meetings; executive director’s report; financial / budget documents; international projects in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia – descriptions by countries.

F.35: Committee on Alcohol and Drug Dependency activities, Board of Social Ministry and World Relief, LCMS, 1961-1982

Agendas, minutes; correspondence; workshops materials; application for fraternal benevolence assistance; Committee on Services to Alcoholics minutes and agendas; Religion and Drug Use Among Adolescents: a Review of Empirical Research (1977); Program Planning Guidelines for Workshops for Parish Pastors on Alcoholism.

Note: The following folders (# 36 – 277) are biographical folders of Lutheran chaplains who have served in various kinds of social care and medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes for aged, institutions for alcoholics, delinquent children, the blind, and more.

f.36: CHAPLAIN: Adam, Chris
f.37: CHAPLAIN: Aho, Orville E.
f.38: CHAPLAIN: Albers, Ronald (Rev.)
f.39: CHAPLAIN: Alms, Richard L.
f.40: CHAPLAIN: Amt, P.G.
f.41: CHAPLAIN: Anderson, Darryl
f.42: CHAPLAIN: Angle, John
f.43: CHAPLAINCY: Azzam, Edward
f.44 CHAPLAIN: Bartels, W.H.
f.45 CHAPLAIN: Baumann, Walter
f.46 CHAPLAIN: Baumgartner, Erwin J.
f.47 CHAPLAIN: Baumgartner, George A.


f.48 CHAPLAIN: Beck, Rev. Earle T.
f.49 CHAPLAIN: Beck, Max G.
f.50 CHAPLAIN: Becker, A. Donald
f.51 CHAPLAIN: Becker, E. H.
f.52 CHAPLAINCY: Beins, Rev. Paul
f.53 CHAPLAIN: Berger, Harold E.
f.54 CHAPLAIN: Berner, Edwin E.
f.55 CHAPLAIN: Besel, H.C.
f.56 CHAPLAIN: Bickel, Arthur
f.57 CHAPLAINCY: Bischoff, Lester
f.58 CHAPLAINCY: Blume, Donald
f.59 CHAPLAINCY: Brelje, Milford C.
f.60 CHAPLAIN: Brott, E. J.
f.61 CHAPLAINCY: Brown, Robert
f.62 CHAPLAINCY: Bruns, Arlen J., D.D.
f.63 CHAPLAIN: Burmeister, Clyde
f.64 CHAPLAIN Busboon, Don E.
f.65 Bussert, Paul
f.66 CHAPLAIN: Callies, Elmer
f.67 CHAPLAIN: Cooper, Paul E.
f.68 CHAPLAIN: Costello, John M.
f.69 CHAPLAIN: Danner, Bernard L.
f.70 CHAPLAIN: Draheim, Lester W.
f.71 CHAPLAIN: Eggert, E. F.
f.72 Rev. Eggold, Paul
f.73 CHAPLAIN: Ehrhardt, Walton
f.74 CHAPLAIN: Einem, Edward H.
f. 75 CHAPLAIN: Eissfeldt, W.A.
f.76 CHAPLAINCY: Eschenbacker, George
f.77 CHAPLAIN: Freiburger, E.A.
f.78 CHAPLAIN: Frese, Frank
f.79 CHAPLAIN: Fritze, Herbert
f.80 CHAPLAIN: Gade, D.M.
f.81 CHAPLAIN: Galchutt, G.C.
f.82 CHAPLAIN: Gevers, Robert
f.83 CHAPLAIN: Goertz, Marvin
f.84 Rev. Griebel, William, CPE
f.85 CHAPLAIN: Harre, E.C.
f.86 CHAPLAIN: Hering, Neil R.
f.87 CHAPLAIN: Hess, J. Ralph
f.88 CHAPLAIN: Hodde, Im. F.
f.89 CHAPLAIN: Holst, Lawrence
f.90 CHAPLAIN: Homrighausen, Edgar
f.91 CHAPLAIN: Hoyer, Leland
f.92 CHAPLAIN: Hoyer, Marvin
f.93 CHAPLAIN: Jackson, John W.
f.94 CHAPLAIN: Johnson, Daniel
f.95 CHAPLAINCY: Johnston, Gordon E.
f.96 CHAPLAIN: Jungkuntz, Daniel
f.97 CHAPLAIN: Kalio, Harold
f.98 Kamrath, Robert F.
f.99 CHAPLAIN: Kausch, George
f.100 CHAPLAIN: Kettner, Vern
f.101 CHAPLAIN: Klein, A.A.
f.102 CHAPLAIN: Klein, Kurt
f.103 CHAPLAIN: Klein, Richard
f.104 CHAPLAIN: Kleindienst, Henry J.


f.105 CHAPLAIN: Klima, George A.
f.106 CHAPLAIN: Knippel, Charles T
f.107 CHAPLAINCY: Knuteson, Dale
f.108 CHAPLAINCY Part-time: Koch, Alton
f.109 CHAPLAIN: Koerber, C.A.
f.110 CHAPLAIN: Kraft, Donald
f.111 CHAPLAIN: Krampitz, David
f.112 CHAPLAIN: Krause, Paul E.
f.113 CHAPLAIN: Krinke, F. H.
f.114 CHAPLAIN: Krueckeberg, David
f.115 CHAPLAIN: Krueger, Frederick H.
f.116 CHAPLAIN: Krueger, R. E.
f.117 CHAPLAIN: Kuebler, K. E.
f.118 CHAPLAINCY – CPE: Kid, Lynda (Deaconess)
f.119 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship application: LaFontaine, R.E. (Advanced)
f.120 CHAPLAIN: Lassman, L.D.
f.121 CHAPLAIN: Lehenbauer, A.W.
f.122 CHAPLAINCY: Liese, Robert R., Sr.
f.123 CHAPLAIN: Lohrmann, E.K.
f.124 CHAPLAINCY: Long, Ronald J.
f.125 CHAPLAIN: Lorenz, Albert
f. 126 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Mahn, David P. (Advanced)
f.127 CHAPLAIN: Mahnke, E.J.
f.128 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Mahnke, Ronald W.
f.129 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – CPE: Maier, Simon
f.130 CHAPLAIN: Main, Raymond
f.131 CHAPLAIN: Malte, Paul
f.132 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Marshall, James (Advanced)
f.133 CHAPLAINCY – CPE: Martinez, Ludwig Alfredo
f.134 Martins, Paul R. (Reverend)
f.135 CHAPLAIN: Maunula, Rev. W.L.
f.136 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Mealwitz, David (Advanced)
f.137 CHAPLAIN: Mehl, Duane
f.138 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Meixner, Joseph S. (Advanved)
f.139 Menzel, Waldemar E.
f.140 CHAPLAIN: Metcalf, Max P.
f.141 CHAPLAIN: Meyer, Arthur J.
f.142 CHAPLAINCY: Meyer, Del (advanced scholarship)
f.143 CHAPLAINCY – Special Training – CPE: Meyer, Lee
f.144 CHAPLAIN: Meyer, Melvin H.
f.145 CHAPLAINCY: Mieger, O.W. (advanced scholarship)
f.146 CHAPLAIN: Miettinen, Toivo
f.147 CHAPLAIN: Mock, George W.
f.148 CHAPLAIN: Mommens, August
f.149 CHAPLAINCY: Mueller, Armin G.
f.150 CHAPLAINCY: Mueller, David E. (Advanced)
f.151 CHAPLAIN: Mueller, G.E.
f.152 CHAPLAIN: Mueller, H.E.


f.153 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Muhly, Edward C. (Advanced)
f.154 Munderloh, Herbert, T.
f.155 CHAPLAIN: Mundinger, G.W.
f.156 CHAPLAIN: Murphy, Bruce
f.157 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Myers, John Walter
f.158 CHAPLAIN: Naegele, Rev. Warren; 17 color photos showing offices, classrooms, sports rooms, chaplains, students, managers, and other people, for the period 1976-1978; each photo has a detailed description on its back.
f.159 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Neeb, Rev. Roger (Advanced)
f.160 CHAPLAIN: Neiswender, Donald
f.161 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Ness, Dale (Initial)
f.162 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – CPE: Nichols, Rev. Gerald L. (Advanced)
f.163 CHAPLAINCY: Nieman, John
f.164 CHAPLAIN: Northnagel, Stewart
f. 165 CHAPLAINCY: Oberheu, Lester
f.166 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: O’Connor James (Student)
f.167 CHAPLAINCY: O’Connor, John A.
f.168 CHAPLAIN: Ollek, Kenneth
f.169 CHAPLAIN: Ollenburg, W.C.
f.170 CHAPLAIN: Olsen, Clifford
f.171 CHAPLAIN: Olson, David H.
f.172 CHAPLAIN: Otto, Ray
f.173 CHAPLAIN: Otto, Robert E.
f.174 CHAPLAIN: Panning, P.H.
f. 175 CHAPLAIN: Pape, N.F.
f.176 CHAPLAIN: Paul, Herman I.
f.177 CHAPLAIN: Pauling, Clarence
f.178 CHAPLAIN: Paulson, Warren L.; 3 color photos of a mission fair in Trinity Lutheran Church, Jackson, MI in early 1975, documenting the work of Michigan chaplains.
f.179 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Peter, James J. (Initial)
f.180 CHAPLAIN: Peter, Lester
f.181 CHAPLAIN: Pfeiffer, Gilbert E.
f.182 CHAPLAIN: Platzer, Martin M. (CPE-Advanced)
f.183 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Puder, Rev. Wm. L. (Initial)
f.184 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – Board of Social Welfare: Radtke, Bruce W.
f.185 CHAPLAIN: Raedeke, Richard
f.186 CHAPLAINCY – CPE: Renner, Mark
f.187 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Repo, Daniel R. (Initial)
f.188 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Richter, Leo
f.189 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Ricker, John (Initial)
f.190 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Riedel, Walter R. (Initial)
f.191 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Riley, Nathan R. (Initial)
f.192 CHAPLAIN: Rippe, Bruce
f.193 CHAPLAIN: Rische, John
f.194 CHAPLAIN: Riske, Edwin J.
f.195 CHAPLAIN: Rodehorst. E.C.
f.196 CHAPLAINCY: Rogness, Emmet C.
f.197 CHAPLAIN: Roehl, D.D.
f.198 CHAPLAIN: Romberg, David F.
f.199 CHAPLAIN: Roschke, E.M.
f.200 CHAPLAIN: Ross, Rev. Wm.
f.201 CHAPLAIN: Rudolph, Lawrence
f.202 CHAPLAIN: Ruff, Jack
f.203 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Rummel, Roy L.
f.204 CHAPLAIN: Ruppar, Wm.; 1 photo (b/w) from a Milwaukee convention, 1971, documenting an exhibition stand (literature rack) taken by William Ruppar (Chaplain).
f.205 CHAPLAIN: Saar, W. R.
f.206 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Sachtleben, Carl (Initial)
f.207 CHAPLAIN: Saeger, John R.
f.208 CHAPLAIN: Schabacker, Theodore
f.209 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship Application – Board of Social Welfare: Schaper, Gary G.


f. 210 CHAPLAINCY – Advanced Scholarship: Scheer, Harold
f.211 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Scheiderer, Richard
f.212 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Schielke, Mr. Frederick (Initial)
f.213 CHAPLAIN – Schlecht, H. M.
f.214 CHAPLAIN – Schlegel, Albert P.
f.215 CHAPLAIN – Schlueter, Orville W.
f.216 CHAPLAIN – Schmidt, Arthur
f.217 CHAPLAINCY – Schmidt, John E.
f.218 CHAPLAIN – Schnedler, W. J.
f.219 CHAPLAIN – Schoech, O.W.
f.220 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Schoenhals, Floyd
f.221 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Schoenfeld, Mr. King (Initial)
f.222 CHAPLAIN – Schroeder, Arthur F.
f.223 CHAPLAIN – Schroeder, Don. K.
f.224 CHAPLAINCY – CPE: Schultz, Andrea Lynn
f.225 CHAPLAIN – Schultz, Wm. M
f.226 CHAPLAIN – Schultze, Ed.
f.227 CHAPLAIN – Schuman, F. E.
f.228 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Schumm, Wm. Ed.
f.229 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship Applicant: Schutt, Ronald P.
f.230 CHAPLAIN – Schwartzkopf, Elmer
f.231 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Schweigert, Harold F. (Initial)
f.232 CHAPLAIN – Schwolert, Norman
f.233 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Scudieri, Robert John (Initial)
f.234 CHAPLAIN – Seiler, Brian J.
f.235 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship Application: Seitz, Ronald Wilmer
f.236 CHAPLAIN – Siess, K.J.
f.237 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – CPE: Silberstein, Rhonda (Initial), Texas
f.238 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship Application: Slovak, M. Luther
f.239 CHAPLAINCY – Initial CPE: Smith, Lindell P.
f.240 CPE Scholarship – Sorensen, David E.
f.241 CHAPLAIN – Sorrell, Henry W.
f.242 CHAPLAIN – Sparling, Paul W.
f.243 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Spatzek, Carlton C.
f.244 CHAPLAIN – Spilker, Louis H.
f.245 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Stehr, Ron (Initial)
f.246 CHAPLAIN – Steinbeck, George
f.247 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Steinke, Robert (Initial)
f.248 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Stewart, Miss Cheryl (Initial)
f.249 CHAPLAIN – Stiemke, Frederick A.
f.250 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Strade, Bruce (Initial)
f.251 CHAPLAIN – Streicher, Richard
f.252 CHAPLAIN – Streufert, B.O.
f.253 CHAPLAIN – Streufert, Herbert
f.254 CHAPLAIN – Suhr, Marvin
f.255 CHAPLAIN – Sylwester, Oscar
f.256 CHAPLAIN – Taniguchi, Taizo (Initial)
f.257 CHAPLAIN – Tegtmeier, Victor D.
f.258 CHAPLAIN – Tews, John M.
f.259 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Thalmann, Darrel (Initial)
f.260 CHAPLAIN – Thiele, Karl (Rev.)
f.261 CHAPLAIN – Thierfelder, Wm.
f.262 CHAPLAIN – Thies, Delbert
f.263 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Tietje, Eldon L. (Initial)
f.264 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Tubesing, Donald (Initial)
f.265 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Utecht, Rev. R.E. (Initial)
f.266 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Vincent, Chaplain Art (Initial)
f.267 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Voit, James L. (Initial)
f.268 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – Board of Social Welfare: Wagner, Charles
f.269 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Weber, Leslie Jr. (Initial)
f.270 Weyland, James (Initial) – Supervisor’s evaluation
f.271 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship Application: Wilken, James L.
f.272 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Wind, Charles R. (Initial)
f.273 CHAPLAINCY: Winkler, George L. (Chaplain)
f.274 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – Board of Social Welfare: Wunrow, Donald (Student)
f.275 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Wurster, David F.C.
f.276 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship: Zeddies, Joel
f.277 CHAPLAINCY – Scholarship – Board of Social Welfare: Zeman, Frank L.

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