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LCMS, Council of Lutheran Ministries, 1949-1965.

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A resolution for a Coordinating Council of Lutheran Agencies was proposed and passed at the 41st Synodical Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1950. The agencies that would be included in this Council were defined as those Lutheran agencies “soliciting funds beyond the given boundaries of any given Synodical District.” The purpose in forming the council was to provide a means of planning and coordinating fund-raising activities and to be of mutual assistance to one another in the promotion and expansion of their respective operations. The first meeting was held 23 February 1951. Regular meetings were held at least bi-annually.

The synodical conventions of 1953 and 1956 approved of the council and promised to commend it to its districts and congregations.

The voltntary membership of the Council of Lutheran Agencies in 1956 included the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, Bethesda Lutheran Home, Lutheran Deaconess Association, Lutheran Friends of the Deaf & Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, Lutheran Institute for the Deaf, Lutheran Laymen’s League, Valparaiso University and Walther League/Wheat Ridge Foundation. Each agency had two representatives on the council. The Board of Directors of the Synod also had two representatives on the council.

The name of the council was changed at the 1962 Synodical Convention to “Council of Lutheran Ministries.” At the 1969 Synodical Convention in Denver a resolution was proposed for a “Council of Auxiliaries” to be established. The Council of Auxiliaries would be similar in purpose to the CLM but would have a different organizational and administrative structure. It would eventually replace the Council of Lutheran Ministries. However, not all the major auxiliary organizations were behind this proposal, and the Council of Auxiliaries was never created.

The last time the Council of Lutheran Ministries was mentioned in the Proceedings of a Synodical Convention was at the 1971 convention in Milwaukee.

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The Council of Lutheran Agencies/Ministries Records consist of meeting minutes, reports and publications. The collection is arranged chronologically and contains minutes from 1949 to 1953.


f.1 Circular letter, 1957
f.2 Constitution, c.1950
f.3-5a Minutes, 1949-1965
f.6 Publications, c.1950-1960
f.7 Report to Board of Directors, c.1950
f.8 Report to Synod Convention, June 1953

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