Online Exhibits

Welcome to our on-line museum. We will be showcasing various exhibits here, both as on-line versions of exhibits currently open in the museum area of our building and as Web-only presentations on the history of Lutheranism. The exhibits will change periodically, so check back regularly to see what’s new.

Jan Hus: Reformer, Confessor, Martyr

An exhibit to honor the life of early church reformer, Jan Hus (c. 1373-1415), as told through text, images and quotes.  Also included in the exhibit are photographs of twelve Hus medals from CHI’s Reformation Coins and Medals collection.

Presidents of the Missouri Synod: Past and Present

An exhibit of the thirteen presidents of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod using biographical sketches and pictures.

A Sword Will Pierce Your Own Soul Too

An exhibit of two series of original prints from woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer: The Life of Mary and the Small Passion.

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