Online Exhibits

Welcome to our on-line museum. We will be showcasing various exhibits here, both as on-line versions of exhibits currently open in the museum area of our building and as Web-only presentations on the history of Lutheranism. The exhibits will change periodically, so check back regularly to see what’s new.

Current Museum Exhibit

Here you will find the current CHI museum exhibit information, with its hours of viewing and opening/closing dates.

Jan Hus: Reformer, Confessor, Martyr

An exhibit to honor the life of early church reformer, Jan Hus (c. 1373-1415), as told through text, images and quotes.  Also included in the exhibit are photographs of twelve Hus medals from CHI’s Reformation Coins and Medals collection.

Presidents of the Missouri Synod: Past and Present

An exhibit of the thirteen presidents of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod using biographical sketches and pictures.

A Sword Will Pierce Your Own Soul Too

An exhibit of two series of original prints from woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer: The Life of Mary and the Small Passion.

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