Cyril of Alexandria, Pastor and Confessor

1299 Pope Boniface VIII (ca. 12351303), in his encyclical Scimus, fili, claimed Scotland owed allegiance to the Catholic Church.

1497 Duke Ernest of Brunswick-Lüneburg, “the Confessor,” was born at Uelzen, Prussia (d. 11 January 1546).

1519 The Leipzig Debate began between Johann Eck and Andreas Karlstadt. Eck was Martin Luther’s “friend turned adversary.” Eck’s purpose in the debate was to discredit Luther’s theology by getting the Reformer to espouse heresy.

1525 Luther’s wedding was publicly celebrated.

1530 The Roman Catholic estates resolved to respond to the Augsburg Confession.

1630 Governor John Winthrop (1587/81649) arrived with settlers at Salem, Massachusetts.

1789 Friedrich Silcher, composer, was born at Schnait im Remstal near Stuttgart (d. 26 August 1860, Tübingen).

1827 Johann G. Eichhorn (b. 16 October 1752), German Old Testament scholar, died.

1838 Stephanus Keyl, emigrant missionary, was born in Niederfrohna, near Penig, Saxony, Germany (d. 15 December 1905).

1838 Gottlieb Schober, who helped form the General Synod and served as its president, died (b. 1 November 1756, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania).

1844 Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, was killed along with his brother Hiram, in Carthage, Illinois (b. 23 December 1805).

1848 Denis August Affre, archbishop of Paris, died in Paris (b. 27 September 1793).

1852 Franz August Otto Pieper, president of the Missouri Synod and of Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis),  was born in Carwitz, Pomerania (d. 3 June 1931).

1870 Cyrus Kingsbury, missionary to the Chocktaw Indians, died (b. 22 November 1786, Alstead, New Hampshire).

1887 August John Mueller was born in Bethany, Minnesota (d. 21 November 1974, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1914 and served as a missionary and pastor at Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. He was president of the Alberta-British Columbia District of the Missouri Synod from 1921 to 1930 and district vice-president from 1930 to 1936.

1891 August Hardeland, missionary to Borneo, died (b. 30 September 1814, Hanover).

1933 James Mountain (b. 16 July 1844), English revivalist, died.

1944 James Moffatt (b. 1870), Scottish New Testament scholar, died.

1948 William J. Danker was commissioned as the first Missouri Synod missionary to Japan.

2001 Paul H. Wegele, who served as International Lutheran Laymen’s League (LLL) president from 1984 to 1988, was killed in an automobile accident. Wegele worked for thirty-six years as a grain and livestock farmer. He quit farming in 1985 to take a position as an insurance appraiser and adjuster  He joined the LLL in 1947 and served the organization between 1973 and 1984 as vice-president, secretary, Region 9 governor and Lutheran Hour committee chairman. He also served on various policy, media, services and ad hoc committees. At district and local levels Wegele served as president, vice-president, membership chairman, extension-services chairman, secretary and treasurer. He also served on the Missouri Synod’s Kansas District Board of Directors, the Wheat Ridge Foundation Board of Directors, the President’s Advisory Board of Saint John’s College (Winfield, Kansas), the Ness County Lutheran Hospital Association, the Ness County Mental Health Association and Kansas Lutheran Hospital Association.

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