Stephanus Keyl Collection, 1838-1906.

Collection Number: M-0011 Collection Size: 0.3 linear feet BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Stephanus Keyl was born on 27 June 1838 in Niederfrohna Saxony (Germany), the oldest son of Pastor Ernst Gerhard Wilhelm Keyl and his wife Ernestine Amalia Walther (sister of Dr. C.F.W. Walther). As an infant he accompanied his parents in

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Franz Julius Biltz (1825-1908) Family Collection, 1840-1909.

Collection Number: M-0026 Collection Size: .21 linear feet Biographical Sketch Franz Julius Biltz was born on 24 July 1825 in Mittelfrohna bei Limbach, Saxony, the son of Christian Friedrich Biltz (d. 1828/9) and Sophie Biltz, née Ebert (d.1838). The orphaned Franz Julius came to the United States with his half-sister

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Martin Stephan (1777-1846) Collection, 1831-1935.

Collection Number: M-0022 Collection Size: 0.15 linear feet Biographical Sketch Martin Stephan was born on 13 August 1777 in Stramberg, Moravia. He was orphaned at an early age and was taught the trade of a linen weaver. At age 22 (1799), already an accomplished journeyman in his trade, he moved

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Ernst Gerhard Wilhelm Keyl

Ernst Gerhard Wilhelm Keyl (1804-1872) Collection, 1830-1872.

Collection Number: M-0010 Collection Size: 2.25 linear feet BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Ernst Gerhard Wilhelm Keyl was born 22 May 1804 in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, where he spent his childhood and his youth. In 1829 he graduated from the University of Leipzig and followed his first call as a pastor to Niederfrohna,

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Adolph Friedrich Theodor Biewend

Biewend Family Collection, 1816-1831.

Collection Number: M-0012 Collection Size: 0.21 linear feet BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE Adolph Friedrich Theodor Biewend, was born in Rothenbuettel, Hanover, Germany, on 16 May 1816. At age 19 he entered the University of Goettingen, Germany, and completed his studies of theology there with honors in 1839. As customary at this time,

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Dietrich Henry Steffens (1866-1944) Papers, 1939-1944.

Collection Number: M-0111 Collection Size: 3 folders Biographical Sketch Dietrich H. Steffens was born on 12 August 1866 in Whitestone, New York. He attended the Milwaukee college of the Missouri Synod and graduated from the Springfield seminary in 1888. From 1889 to 1899 he served parishes in Minnesota, Wisconsin and

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The Hansers: (left to right) Hugo, Franz, Otto

Hanser Family Collection, 1800-1965.

Collection Number: M-0020 Collection Size: 2.7 linear feet Biographical Note Carl Johann Otto Hanser was born on 7 September 1832 in Schopflohe, Bavaria, Germany, as the sixth child of Pastor Franz Hanser and his wife, the former Euphrosyne Johanna Renger. He was educated at the local public school as well

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Herman A. Bielenberg

Herman A. Bielenberg Scrapbook, c.1938.

Collection Number: M-0103 Collection Size: 0.8 linear feet BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE Herman Bielenberg was born on 13 December 1899 in Staten Island, New York, to Albertus and Carolina (Lehnert) Bielenberg. Albertus was a fabric colorer who encouraged his son to join the clergy. Herman graduated from Concordia College (Bronxville, New York)

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Gertrude A. Simon (1900–1966) Collection (1926–1996)

Collection Number: M-0061 5 boxes, 2 linear feet : Correspondence, Manuscripts, Printed Publications, Documents, Personal Diaries, and Photographs BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Gertrude Simon was born on July 13, 1900, in Zachow, Wisconsin. She graduated from Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 1926. Later she took graduate courses

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Johann Andreas August Grabau (1804-1879) Family Collection, 1840-1866.

Collection Number: M-0110 Collection Size: 2 Folders Biographical Sketch Johann Andreas August Grabau was born 18 March 1804 in Olvenstedt, Saxony, in the Kingdom of Prussia, the son of Johann Andreas Grabau (d. 1822) and Anna Dorothea Grabau née Jericho. J.A.A. Grabau had a brother John and a sister Lisette.

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