Frequently Asked Questions at CHI’s Reference Services

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are something every reference department has encountered. Patrons ask the same question (or a variation of it) over and over. In order to maintain consistency in responses and also to avoid having different reference personnel research the same topic again, reference departments develop Frequently Asked Question lists (FAQ).

Following are some of the frequently asked questions addressed to our Reference Department:

14 Original Congregations of the LCMS and their Signers
City Data
Loehe Men Biographies
Lutheran Architecture
Bad Boll Conferences
Baseball Players
Christmas Tree, First
CPH History
History of Sunday School
Finnish-American Resources
Gerecke, Henry F.
Hymn. A Mighty Fortress. Latin
Hymn Guide, German
Hymnals. LCMS
LCMS Brief History
LCMS Catechism History
LCMS Constitution 1846
LCMS Constitution 1847
LCMS Conventions
LCMS Founding Congregations and Pastors
LCMS German to English Language Shift (Anti-German Sentiment, WWI)
LCMS Statistics
Liturgical Practice. Communion. Individual Cups
Missouri. Saint Louis. Concordia Seminary Architecture
Missouri. Saint Louis. Cemeteries
Missouri. Saint Louis. Class Composites
Missouri. Saint Louis. Concordia Seminary. Seminex
Missouri. Saint Louis. Concordia Seminary. Exorcism
Missouri. Saint Louis. Gesamtgemeinde
Missouri. Saint Louis. Lutheran Hospital
Missouri. Saint Louis. Lutheran Senior Services
Milestones in the History of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in Saint Louis
Steamboats, River
Walther, C. F. W. Index by Suelflow
Walther, C. F. W. Bibliography
Walther Family
Wars. WWII
Wars. Civil War
Civil War Items of Interest
Wedding Customs

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