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LCMS. Bureau of Statistics, Records of Pastors and Teachers, 1921-1930.

  • Collection Number: A-0017
  • Collection Size: 0.4 linear feet


The Synod created the Bureau of Statistics at the 1923 convention. A statistician directed the bureau and reported to the Board of Directors. Anyone wishing to collect statistics was to apply to the bureau “to learn how far their desires can be met”(1923 Convention Proceedings, p. 86). The Synod appointed the Rev. Ernst Eckhardt as the first statistician. The bureau’s primary function became the compilation of the Statistical Yearbook.


These biographical records of pastors and teachers were compiled beginning in 1921. The Rev. Ernst Eckhardt maintained the records on his appointment as synodical statistician and chronologer in 1923 and apparently continued until 1930.

The forms are filed in alphabetical order in folders. They provide the following: the full name of the individual, the place of residence, the date/place of birth, father’s name, educational background, ordinations/installations, Synodical offices held, family information (names of wife, children) and salary data. A binder originally housed the forms. For preservation reasons the forms have been removed from this binder.


f.1 A
f.2 Ba-Bl
f.3 Bo-Bu
f.4 C-D
f.5 E-F
f.6 G
f.7 H
f.8 I
f.9 Ka-Kl
f.10 Kn-Ku
f.11 L
f.12 Ma-Mev
f.13 Mayer-Mu
f.14 N
f.15 O
f.16 P
f.17 Ra-Re
f.18 Ri-Ru
f.19 Sa-Schl
f.20 Schm-Schw
f.21 Se-Sy
f.22 T
f.23 U-V
f.24 Wa-We
f.25 Wi-Wy
f.26 Y-Z

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