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LCMS, Board for Higher Education, Conference of College and Seminary Faculties of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, 1897-1961.

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Conferences of the professors from the colleges and seminaries operated by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod were held beginning in the late 19th century. A resolution adopted at the Synod’s 1893 convention (Verhandlungen, 1893, p. 79) called for annual conferences of the teachers at the Synod’s “Gymnasien und Seminarien,” with the synodical president also taking part. The purpose was to establish uniformity in instruction among the schools. Travel costs were to be covered from the synodical treasury. The first conference apparently met on 5-6 July 1893 in Chicago (“Professoren-Conferenz,” Der Lutheraner 49 [20 June 1893]: 102). In 1896 the Synod changed the frequency of the conference from annual to biennial (Verhandlungen, 1896, p. 131) and stipulated that the meeting should last three days.

The earliest conference represented by material in the collection took place in 1897 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1908 the Synod resolved that the conference should meet every three years in the year prior to general conventions of the Synod (Verhandlungen, 1908, p. 76). The Synod added a stipulation in 1923 that the presidents of the educational institutions meet with the synodical president prior to the professors’ conferences (Verhandlungen, 1923, p. 28). No reports have been found for conferences in 1913, 1922, 1931 or 1937.

When the synodical Board for Higher Education was established in 1938, program planning and arrangement services for the conferences were handled through its staff. The 1940 conference was the first held under the auspices of the BHE. The conference became an advisory body to the Board for Higher Education, and the conferences were joint meetings of the board and the professors. In 1943, for example, the conference program dealt primarily with a survey of the synodical colleges relating to ministerial training and provided for an exchange of opinion between the professors and the board. Findings and conclusions of the discussion were then forwarded to the synodical convention the next year.

No conference was held in 1949. The Board for Higher Education canceled it at the urging of the synodical Board of Directors because of the financial condition of the Synod. Despite an appeal from the faculty of Concordia College, St. Paul, the 1950 convention amended the bylaws to allow the BHE to call the conferences at its discretion rather than holding to a rigid three-year schedule (Handbook of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, 1949, Bylaw 6.11; Proceedings, 1950, pp. 262-64, 329). Regional and departmental conferences were also authorized.

In 1952 the conference asked its Continuation Committee to draw up a statement of organization for the conference. In 1955 this statement, specifying purposes, membership, attendance, officers and committees of the conference, was adopted. The conference name was designated as “Conference of College and Seminary Faculties of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.”

Although the 1962 synodical convention encouraged that the “traditional conference of synodical college and seminary faculties” continue to be held (Proceedings, 1962, p. 70), it appears that the last of these conferences was held in 1961. The bylaw (6.11) pertaining to meetings of synodical faculties was deleted from the Handbook in 1969 on the grounds that “current practices make certain synodical Handbook regulations obsolete, inapplicable, or impracticable” (Proceedings, 1969, p. 129).


Folders are organized by dates when the conferences were held. Through 1928 the materials consist merely of printed programs of the meetings. Minutes of the conference are first available for 1934. Beginning with 1940 the files contain pre-conference schedules and copies or outlines of papers to be presented and discussed. Minutes and proceedings of the conferences are also included.

The programs through 1928 are in German. The 1934 minutes contain a mixture of German and English. All materials from 1940 on are in English.

Summaries of the conference proceedings and selected papers were published in Lutheran Education in 1952 and 1955. See the bibliography for references.


f.1 Professoren-Conferenz (1897: Milwaukee)
f.2 Professoren-Conferenz (1901)
f.3 Professoren-Conferenz (1908: St. Paul)
f.4 Professoren Konferenz (1910: Maywood, Ill.)
f.5 Professorenkonferenz (1916: Chicago)
f.6 Professorenkonferenz (1922: LaGrange, Ill.)
f.7 Professorenkonferenz (1925: Lombard, Ill.)
f.8 Professorenkonferenz (1928: Hinsdale, Ill.)
f.9 Professors’ Conference (1934: Milwaukee)
f.10 Professors’ Conference – Pre-Conference Material (1940: River Forest, Ill.)
f.11 Professors’ Conference – Minutes (1940: River Forest, Ill.)
f.12 Professors’ Conference (1943: Milwaukee)
f.13 Professors’ Conference (1946: Milwaukee)
f.14 Professors’ Conference – Lewis W. Spitz Copy (1946: Milwaukee)
f.15 Conference of Professors and Instructors (1952: Fort Wayne)
f.16 Conference of Professors and Instructors (1955: River Forest, Ill.)
f.17 Conference of College and Seminary Faculties (1961: Fort Wayne)


The materials in this record group were assembled from several sources within the Institute’s holdings. Some were removed from the files of the Board for Higher Education. Others were deposited at the Institute by seminary professors who participated in the conferences.


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